Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore in 2023

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21st Apr, 2023
Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore in 2023

The need for knowledgeable, professional workers who can manage and complete numerous projects within the agile framework drives the demand for Scrum masters. As a CSM, you can familiarize yourself with the many components, tools, and best practices of the scrum framework. Scrum masters, therefore, possess a wide range of talents and often come from solid backgrounds, which is why they frequently attract high wages.

The leadership team will be keenly interested in having each of these impacts. Therefore, many companies in Singapore hire Scrum Masters as the country is emerging as a global leader in providing all kinds of job opportunities. Scrum Master jobs in Singapore are on the rise, so if you are looking out for a similar opportunity, you should go for KnowledgeHut certified Scrum Master training and upgrade your knowledge.

Who is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is a facilitator and coach for an Agile development team that uses the Scrum framework. They are responsible for ensuring that the team adheres to Scrum principles and practices and work to remove any obstacles that impede the team's progress.

The Scrum master acts as a servant-leader to the team, helping the team to improve their skills, productivity, and overall performance. They also help the team maintain a clear focus on the goals and objectives of the project and ensure that the team is delivering valuable and high-quality work. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Scrum Master Job in Singapore

The roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master job in Singapore include: 

  1. Facilitating Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives. 
  2. Coaching the team on Scrum principles and practices and helping them improve their skills, productivity, and overall performance. 
  3. Act as a team servant-leader, helping remove any obstacles that impede the team's progress. 
  4. Helping the team to maintain a clear focus on the goals and objectives of the project and ensuring that the team is delivering valuable and high-quality work. 
  5. Working closely with the Product Owner to ensure that the backlog is well-maintained and that the team is aware of the priorities. 
  6. Helping to resolve conflicts and facilitating communication between team members and stakeholders. 
  7. Helping to maintain a positive and productive work environment. 
  8. Supporting to ensure compliance with company policies, standards, and procedures. 
  9. Keeping up to date with the latest Scrum and Agile methodologies and best practices. 
  10. Continuously work on improving the team's performance, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. 

The roles of scrum master jobs in Singapore for freshers and experienced professionals differ. So, prepare yourself accordingly.

Scrum Master Jobs Based on Experience Level Singapore

Depending on the level of experience, the salary of Scrum Masters in Singapore varies. Check below the Scrum master jobs in Singapore on the basis of experience:

1. Entry-Level Jobs

Scrum Master is a highly sought-after position in Singapore, as it is one of the most popular methodologies for Agile software development. Entry Level Remote Scrum Master jobs in Singapore typically involve facilitating and coordinating the work of a development team. They ensure that the team follows the Scrum methodology and help them remove any obstacles that may prevent them from completing their work efficiently.

The salary of entry level Scrum Master jobs in Singapore varies based on various factors. However, according to Payscale, the average salary for entry-level Scrum Master jobs in Singapore is around SGD 60,000 per year. This is just an estimate, and actual salaries may vary based on the types of junior Scrum master jobs in Singapore.

With professional Scrum Master training, you can enhance your knowledge of Scrum and end up getting a better package.

2. Mid-Level Jobs

The salary for a Scrum Master role at a mid-career level in Singapore can differ based on the company, field, and the candidate's qualifications and work history. Based on Payscale, the average annual salary for a mid-career Scrum master in Singapore is SGD 90,000. It is worth noting that this is an approximation, and the actual pay scale may fluctuate.

3. Senior Level Jobs

The salary of senior-level Scrum Master jobs in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the company, industry, and individual qualifications and experience. However, according to Payscale, the average salary for senior-level Scrum Master jobs in Singapore is around SGD 120,000 per year. This is just an estimate, and actual salaries may vary. Additionally, senior-level Scrum masters may receive bonuses, stock options, and other incentives. 

Highest Paying Jobs in Scrum Master in Singapore

The highest paying jobs for Scrum Master in Singapore tend to be in industries such as technology, finance, and banking and with large multinational companies such as those in the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) or MAANG (Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). 

According to data from websites like Glassdoor and Payscale, the average salary for a Scrum Master in Singapore usually ranges from S$6,000 to S$15,000 per month. However, Scrum Master positions in large multinational companies, particularly in technology and finance, can have higher salaries, with some roles paying as much as S$20,000 or more per month. 

There are various types of jobs in Scrum Master Singapore that pay well. Those include Agile Coach, Scaled Scrum Master, Digital Scrum Master, Scrum Master MSD, and Scrum Master Consultants.


Development Manager 


Product Manager 


Agile Coach 


Senior Project Manager IT 


Remote/Freelance Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore

There are a variety of remote and freelance Scrum Master jobs available in Singapore. One can search for them on job search websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor and on specialized freelance job platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer. Many of these jobs are offered on a contract or project basis and may require previous experience as a Scrum Master or in a related field. 

You can also apply for various jobs related to Scrum master Singapore, including Project Manager, Information Technology- Scrum Master, Agile Coach, etc. On average, a remote/freelance Scrum Master can earn up to SGD7,150 per month. 

Best Cities for Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is a small city-state with a highly developed economy, and as such, Scrum Master jobs are available in many different parts of the country. Some of the best cities for certified Scrum master jobs in Singapore include:

1. Singapore City

It is the central business district and economic hub of Singapore, and it is home to many large multinational corporations that need Scrum Masters to manage their IT projects. Because the place is the hub for IT professionals, you can land Scrum master jobs for freshers in Singapore or interns, or experienced professionals based on your skill and level of experience. The average salary of a Scrum Master in Singapore city is approximately SGD112,141. 

2. Jurong

It is a western region of Singapore and home to many companies that operate in the manufacturing, engineering, and high-tech sectors. These industries require Scrum Masters to manage their projects effectively. On average, a Scrum Master earns SGD104,063 in Jurong city.

3. Tampines

Tampines is another eastern town in Singapore with a large number of IT companies. Hence the demand for Scrum Masters is high in this area. 

It is worth noting that companies are also spread throughout the country and that the best city to work in could depend on your individual preferences and circumstances. 

Also, if you are somebody from outside Singapore and want to pursue a career there, some companies offer scrum master jobs in Singapore with visa sponsorship. You can earn as much as SGD100,000 in the Tampines region. 

Required Skills for Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore

Scrum master jobs in Singapore typically require a combination of technical and leadership skills. Some of the essential skills needed for Scrum master jobs in Singapore include: 

  • Scrum Methodology Knowledge: A solid understanding of Scrum principles and practices is essential for a Scrum Master. This includes knowledge of the Scrum framework, ceremonies, and roles. 
  • Agile Methodology Knowledge: Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, are widely used in Singapore, so it would be beneficial to have knowledge of multiple Agile methodologies. 
  • Leadership: A Scrum Master must be able to lead and motivate a team, facilitating communication and collaboration and removing obstacles that are preventing the team from achieving its goals. 
  • Communication: A Scrum Master must know how to communicate effectively with team members, stakeholders, and management, both verbally and in writing. 
  • Problem-solving: A Scrum Master must be able to identify and resolve issues that arise during a project and be able to make decisions that are in the best interests of the team and the project. 
  • Adaptability: The person applying for the role should adapt to changes in project requirements, timelines, and team dynamics. 
  • Technical Knowledge: Scrum Master applicants should have the required technical knowledge, especially in the software development field. It allows the candidate to understand the problems that the development team is facing. 
  • Project Management: A Scrum Master should have some project management skills and experience, as they are responsible for the overall project plan, timelines, and budget. 

It is worth noting that these are the most common skills required for Scrum master jobs in Singapore, but the required skills may vary depending on the specific position and the company you apply for. 

Education Requirements to Get Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore

There is no specific educational requirement for Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore. Still, most employers prefer candidates with bachelor's degrees in a relevant field, such as Computer Science, Information Technology, or Project Management.

Some employers may also like candidates who have a certification in Scrum, such as the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification. Additionally, having experience working in a Scrum environment and knowledge of Agile methodologies can also be beneficial for job applicants. 

So, whether you are looking for junior scrum master jobs in Singapore or for senior level, you just need the right skill. Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field comes with additional benefits.

Top Certifications to Get Scrum Master Jobs in Singapore

There are several certifications that can help you to get a Scrum Master job in Singapore. Some of the most popular scrum master certifications are: 

  1. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM): This is the most widely recognized Scrum Master certification offered by Scrum Alliance. It demonstrates your knowledge of the Scrum framework and ability to lead and facilitate Scrum teams. The certificate will help you get the best-certified scrum master jobs in Singapore.
  2. Professional Scrum Master (PSM): This certification is offered by and focuses on the principles and practices of Scrum. It is designed for professionals who have a solid understanding of Scrum and want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. It is one of the best scrum master jobs in Singapore with a better pay scale.
  3. SAFe 4.6 Scaled Agilist (SA): SAFe 4.6 Scaled Agilist (SA) certification, offered by Scaled Agile, Inc., is widely recognized in Singapore. It showcases your expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and your capability to lead and manage Agile teams at an enterprise level. 
  4. PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner): Such a certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) is globally recognized. It demonstrates your knowledge of Agile principles and practices and your ability to lead Agile teams. 
  5. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: This certification is provided by several organizations, including ASQ and IASSC. It proves your knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, which are widely used in Singapore. It also shows your ability to lead and facilitate teams that use these methodologies. 

All of the mentioned certifications are globally recognized and will be highly valuable to get a Scrum Master job in Singapore. However, you must check the specific job requirements you're applying for and see which certification aligns more with the job requirements. 

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How Can I Get My First Job as a Scrum Master in Singapore?

Follow the tips listed below to acquire a Scrum Master job in Singapore:

  1. Get Certified: Obtaining a Scrum Master certification, such as the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or the Professional Scrum Master (PSM), will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Scrum framework and make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers. 
  2. Build your Portfolio: Create a portfolio of past projects showcasing your experience and skills as a Scrum Master. Include details about the project, your role, and the results you achieved. 
  3. Network: Attend local Agile and Scrum events, such as meetups and conferences, and connect with other professionals in the field. This can help you to build your network and learn about potential job opportunities. 
  4. Tailor your Resume: Make sure your resume highlights your experience and skills as a Scrum Master and that it aligns with the job requirements you're applying for. 
  5. Get Experience: If you don't have any direct experience as a Scrum Master, consider taking on a Scrum Master role within your current organization or volunteering to lead a Scrum team in a non-profit or community organization. 
  6. Be Proactive and Persistent: Keep an eye out for job openings and apply to them. Follow up with the companies you applied to and show interest in the role. 
  7. Leverage your Skills: If you don't have direct Scrum Master experience, focus on highlighting your relevant skills, such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and project management. Explain how these skills can be transferred to the role of a Scrum Master. 
  8. Look for Internships or Apprenticeship Opportunities: Some companies offer internships and apprenticeships for Scrum Masters. It's an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn the ropes. 

If you are residing in India or somewhere abroad and want to land in Job in Singapore, various companies are working remotely, and hence, they are offering remote scrum master jobs in Singapore.

Future of Scrum Master Career in Singapore

The future of Scrum master jobs in Singapore looks promising as the demand for Agile methodologies continues to expand in the region. As Agile and Scrum continue to gain popularity, many organizations are using these methodologies to manage their projects and enhance their overall performance. This is driving the need for skilled Scrum masters to facilitate and coach their teams. 

In Singapore, the IT industry is one of the primary drivers of the economy, and the demand for Scrum masters is exceptionally high in this sector. As more companies adopt digital technologies to improve their operations and stay competitive, the demand for Scrum masters who can lead digital transformation projects is also expected to rise. 

Moreover, with the development of new technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain, Scrum masters will be in high demand to lead the development of innovative solutions that are aligned with the latest technologies. 

The future of the Scrum master career in Singapore looks positive, with increasing demand for skilled professionals in various industries. As Agile and Scrum continue to gain popularity, Scrum masters in Singapore can expect ample growth and career advancement opportunities in the coming years. 


The scrum master job market in Singapore is quite big, and the demand for Scrum Master professionals in Singapore is expected to reach a new height in 2023. With the increasing adoption of Agile methodologies in software development and other industries, organizations in Singapore are eyeing experienced and certified Scrum Masters to lead their teams.

The marketplace also offers remote or freelance working opportunities for those who prefer a flexible working arrangement. Job seekers with relevant experience and certifications can expect to find a wide range of options in Singapore, as the job market for Scrum Masters remains strong. 

Now that you know everything that is required to get a Scrum Master job in Singapore, pull up your socks and prepare yourself well. If you are skeptical about the training and courses on Scrum master, you must try SAFe Scrum Master course. The program will teach you everything from basic to advanced. Plus, you will also get a certification at the end of the program. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which job search portals are best for Scrum Master in Singapore?

LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, MyCareersFuture, etc., are some of the best job portals for searching for Scrum Master jobs in Singapore. So, if you are searching for scrum master online jobs Singapore, you should try searching on these websites.  

2What are the major selection criteria for a Scrum Master in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore?

The major selection criteria for a Scrum Master in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore are likely to include the following: 

  • Scrum certification (such as CSM, PSM) 
  • Strong experience working in Agile/Scrum methodologies 
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills 
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities 
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams and managing team dynamics 
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
  • Understanding of software development processes and technologies and experience with relevant tools and platforms. 
3In order to get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a Scrum Master include on their resume?

To get shortlisted for Scrum Master positions at Singapore companies, an applicant should focus on highlighting the following on their resume: 

  • Scrum certification and relevant Agile training 
  • Relevant experience in leading and facilitating Agile/Scrum teams 
  • Successful delivery of projects using Agile/Scrum methodologies 
  • Proven ability to lead and manage cross-functional teams 
  • Strong communication and leadership skills 
  • Experience working with various stakeholders and managing stakeholder expectations 
  • Experience with relevant tools and technologies 
  • Any relevant industry experience and education. 
4In Singapore, can anybody become a Scrum Master?

There are various scrum master job opportunities in Singapore. Anyone in Singapore can become a Scrum Master, but it is typically recommended that individuals have specific qualifications and experience before taking on the role.

The Scrum Alliance, the organization that provides the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification, recommends that candidates have at least six months of experience working on a Scrum team. Additionally, many organizations prefer to hire Scrum Masters who have experience in the industry in which the company operates.

To become a Scrum Master, it is critical to have a good understanding of Agile methodologies, experience with Scrum practices, and good leadership and communication skills. 

5Is the Scrum Master job well-paid in Singapore?

Scrum Master jobs in Singapore are generally well-paid, with salaries varying depending on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the company or industry. According to data from websites like Glassdoor and Payscale, Scrum Master salaries in Singapore can range from around S$6,000 to S$15,000 per month. 

However, the Scrum Master role in FAANG/MAANG companies pays a higher salary than other companies and offers the best scrum master jobs in Singapore, as they are known for their high-paying jobs and their ability to attract top talent. Additionally, the Scrum Master role in industries such as finance and IT/Technology pay higher than other industries. 

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