Ankur Pandita


I have been working as a Software Engineer for 8.5 years now, majorly working with Python, Golang and bash. I use tools such as AWS, GCP, OCI for cloud computing and docker, Kubernetes, Terraform for deployment. I have experience working with Networking, Routing, Load balancing, DNS and a good understanding of the IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, and SSL protocols as well.

Posts By Ankur Pandita

Frontend Developer vs Backend Developer: Key Differences
IntroductionThe most commonly used terms in web development are "front-end" and "back-end." It is very important that each side of
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by Ankur Pandita

04 Apr 2022

Handling React Events - A Detailed Guide
Event handling essentially allows the user to interact with a webpage and do something specific when a certain event like a click or a hover happens.
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by Ankur Pandita

21 Jan 2022

React State vs Props - The Fundamentals
What is the difference between State and Props in React:A major confusion for frontend developers when they are first learning react, is understanding
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by Ankur Pandita

11 Jan 2022

What Are the React Component Lifecycle Methods?
It's all about components!One of the reasons for the popularity of React is the concept of reusable web components, and we can  achieve this
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by Ankur Pandita

22 Nov 2021