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Njong is a frontend web developer, constantly building her skills and aspiring to get better. Her hobbies include reading fiction, watching movies, and perusing Google, Stack Overflow, and Quora for even the tiniest tech-related queries. She also enjoys referring to herself in the third person, as that is definitely not weird at all.

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Redux Toolkit: Usage Guide with Examples
The modern world applications depend not only on their user interface, but their state management is also necessary for them to perform appropriately.
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by Njong Emy

27 Dec 2022

What Does a Full Stack Developer Do?
Whether you are only a beginner in tech or not, you must have come across the word ‘Full-stack development’ before. Full-stack development
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by Njong Emy

01 Dec 2022

PRINCE2 vs CAPM - Which One's Right for you?
PRINCE2 and CAPM are different certificates earned in the field of project management. Both PRINCE2 certification and CAPM certification differ from e
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by Njong Emy

28 Nov 2022