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Raju has 23+ years of IT Experience. He has a strong and diverse background in program, IT delivery, and financial management. He is an expert in project delivery using Agile methodologies and DevOps framework. He is a Recognized leader in innovation and transforming global teams. A strong communicator, he has proven ability to interact with multicultural and multi-location teams.  Raju has worked in multiple roles in Delivery Management, Client Relationship Management, Transition Management, Pre Sales, Business Strategy and Leadership Mentoring. 

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Decision About Which Agile Method To Use - A Perspective
Introduction:Agile methods have gained widespread acceptance in software development organizations for formulation and development of solutions for en
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by Raju Dhole

12 Sep 2018

Use of Agile Methodologies In Electro-Mechanical Industry - A Perspective
Introduction: Agile methods have gained mainstream acceptance in software development organizations for the development of solutions for enhancing ex
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by Raju Dhole

29 Mar 2018

Water-Scrum-Fall: Is it a Myth or Reality?
Usage of Agile Methods for software Development has caught on like wildfire. Every organization wants to follow Agile methods for software development
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by Raju Dhole

06 Feb 2018

 How To Define Agile Benefits For Business Sponsors?
“Agile” has been a buzzword in organizations of late.  Use of Agile methodologies results in continuous engagement of end users in th
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by Raju Dhole

08 Jan 2018