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Ridhi Chhabra is working in the field of Project Management from last 8 years. She is also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). She has been implementing Scrum Framework in 80% of her projects which are resulting in Successful Project Completion and Great Customer Experience. She has great Communication skills and got a proven experience in interacting with customers around the globe, across US, UK, Australia and South Africa.
She is currently working as an Executive Assistant Project Manager at KOHLEX Design India Pvt. Ltd., It is US Based Organization which is having main headquarters in California, United States and is handling operations in Hyderabad, India.

She enjoys meeting new people, traveling and writing blogs and articles. Refer to her LinkedIn for more articles.

Posts By Ridhi Chhabra

7 Key Product Owner Responsibilities and Roles
Product owners have responsibilities that are indeed challenging and fundamental for a successful product development team. In fact, in a product deve
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by Ridhi Chhabra

04 Nov 2022

Top Scrum Master Challenges & Ways To Overcome Them
The role of a Scrum Master on an Agile team is very different from the one played by a traditional Project Manager who follow
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by Ridhi Chhabra

13 Jul 2022

Are You Delivering Potentially Shippable Product Each Sprint?
By the end of each iteration, a Scrum team is expected to produce a Potentially Shippable Product. As we know Agile methodologies emphasizes on &ldquo
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by Ridhi Chhabra

27 Aug 2019

Patterns For Adopting & Spreading Scrum In Organizations
When we talk about adopting any new framework or methodology, we think about how we can incorporate these changes into our organization. We simply can
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by Ridhi Chhabra

15 Jun 2020

We’re in Agile, We don’t Plan! Really? 
‘We are in Agile, we don’t plan!’ This was one of the most common statements in early Agile implementations. Many people in early Ag
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by Ridhi Chhabra

11 May 2022