MD Zaid Imam

Project Manager

Md Zaid Imam is currently serving as Project Manager at Radware. With a zeal for project management and business analytics, Zaid likes to explore UI/UX, backend development, and DevOps. Playing a crucial role at his current job, Zaid has helped his team to deliver world-class product features that cater to the demand of current industry requirements of bot mitigation arena (Processing 50 billion API calls per month). Zaid is a regular contributor on Hashnode.

Posts By MD Zaid Imam

What is DevOps
You landed up here which means that you are willing to know more about DevOps and hey, you can admit it! And of course, the business community has bee
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by MD Zaid Imam

16 Apr 2021

Best Practices For Successful Implementation Of DevOps
What is DevOps?DevOps is nothing but the combination of process and philosophies which contains four basic component culture, collaboration, tools, an
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by MD Zaid Imam

31 May 2022