IOS Application Development Guide

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19th Apr, 2021
28th Sep, 2016
IOS Application Development Guide

Developing applications have never been easy task for developers. Mobile applications industry is becoming huge and it will keep on expanding. iOS applications are actually somewhat different from android applications. Programmers starting off with iOS application development should be familiar with the basics of the Apple’s development tools. Proper iOS training will give better idea of what you can and can’t do before starting off.

Here we guide you in a right way for iOS development and how to do. We provide you the languages that has to be known before developing an iOS application, details on coding environment and the Apple’s guidelines which has to be followed.

Where do you start?

In order to do a graphical interface for your apps, you will have to know Xcode. Xcode is the Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for Mac and iOS. Xcode is free to download from the Apple site. You are not limited to a particular language while developing apps for iOS.

There are many places for you to get started, consider Apple’s own guide which helps you out in Xcode, structuring and implementing your apps and finally uploading it to the App Store. You get to know about everything under one roof here. Apple also has videos which include various parts of development. These videos are from WWDC and you will get to know tricks and tips direct from the company. You can watch the videos here.

If you are looking for some places other than the official sites, then Code School offers you free iOS course which is separated into different levels and you will even earn a Course Completion Badge at the end of course. Get started for free here. You can even try raywenderlich tutorials for iOS.

Following Guidelines while developing apps

Following these App Store Review Guidelines will help you to develop an app which will meet the standards set by Apple. Now these guidelines are very specific as we all know the quality of apps available in the App Store. At times you might even find it tedious to follow all of these guidelines, but even if your app does not meet them even remotely, chances are that your app might be rejected during the review process.

Apple has also stated some top reasons for your app to get rejected. The review of the app will be done based on some factors like app design, content, and technical details. The app might also get rejected if any controversial subject is involved. Now these might be difficult for beginners or sometimes even for professional developers, but it is better to follow these guidelines rather than getting rejected.

There are even some more guidelines to follow if you are going to integrate additional functions with your app such as Apple pay. Many of the Apple API’s have their own guidelines and it is better that you are clear of this before developing your apps.

iOS Application Design Guidelines

Apple has a set of design and interface guidelines. To maintain its legacy, Apple wants all the apps in their store to be designed in the same way. By designing it, in the same way, means that applications should use the same basic UI elements.

“The world’s most advanced mobile OS offers everything you need to design beautiful, engaging apps that radiate power and simplicity”, says Apple.

Apple has provided Human Interface Guidelines page and it contains all the basics that developers will look for in both apps and icon designs. To start off with the iOS app development, Apple has also provided a set of Do’s and Don’ts that make it easier for the developers.

Github and testing codes

Creating a bug-free application is a myth. Applications in their early release have some bugs and it is good practices to get other people sees your code and invite beta testers to try your app.

GitHub is the place for software versioning and collaborative work. GitHub provides an incredible way of linking Xcode into it. After registering on GitHub, the work done on it will be saved and accessible by other people on your team.



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