5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Professional Scrum Master Certification

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24th Apr, 2023
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5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Professional Scrum Master Certification

With ScrumMasters gaining an increased demand and a lot of scope when it comes to career prospects, certifications are abundant. You can choose between a variety of courses to learn the Agile and Scrum practices.

Eventually, you’re left with a choice between being a Certified Scrum Master and a Professional Scrum Master.

Let’s take a quick look at which is a better course for you.


You can easily obtain a CSM by just attending classes, whereas for a PSM, you mainly require assessment skills. Both the courses are priced around the same range, and with CSM your study material would include only the course outline.

The training required is mandatory and with each instructor, you get to learn through a different training material with CSM. For PSM, you don’t need any training and the training is standardised throughout. CSM gives you a superficial knowledge on the subject, whereas with PSM a comprehensive knowledge is assured.

The biggest advantage is that PSM does not require any certificate renewal, which is not the case with CSM certification that must be renewed every two years.

Here are some important factors you must consider before kickstarting the course.


1. Name

When choosing the best options, you have to consider a reputed course and institution. You can rely on them and can expect a hassle-free training process from experts around the world. The PSM has a globally recognised brand name that can designate an identity to you across most organisations all over the world.

2. Content

CSM may be a more popular course, but PSM has a thorough syllabus that tests your true abilities in the fields of Scrum and Agile. The course is definitely a more difficult one, but pursuing it only proves your capabilities and calibre as a Professional ScrumMaster.

PSM gives you a more practical approach as it deals with assessment over just a training session. You’ll be exposed to research on vast areas of Agile and how you can implement them into your projects and encourage your teams to implement the practices.

3. Exam

While CSM requires just attending of classes to clear the exam comprising of 35 questions and a reasonable pass mark of 65%, PSM requires a lot more effort. To crack a PSM exam you need to go through an open assessment that tests your capabilities to take up the exam. The actual exam consists of 80 questions, and a minimum of 85% is required to pass the exam. There is also the additional pressure of time limit in PSM.

Clearing the challenging PSM exam definitely adds value to your bio data. You will definitely have an upper hand at bagging a great job when compared to CSMs.

4. Training

You can prepare for a PSM certification by yourself but the process could take longer and requires a lot more effort. Find the right choice from the list of reputed institutions that offer tactful training to crack the certification exam.

The availability of trainers is also an important factor. If there is a scarcity in the number of instructors, you’ll end up attending a class with a large size, which in turn affects the quality of learning.

5. Cost

While PSM is priced nominally, at around the same price as CSM and other Agile courses, it is absolutely worth your money. With an enhanced practical knowledge, the certification gives you a better idea on how to deal with real-time situations and problems that you are likely to face managing a team. Additionally, your career prospects are more promising with a PSM certification.

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Before you choose to enroll yourself in a famed institution or even decide to take up the test, research and identify the right school with courses that best suit your qualifications, requirements, and time constraints. If you choose to prepare without external assistance, gear up to put in extra effort from your end.



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