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Satish T writes on project management and the many approaches used in projects across different sectors. He honed his fundamental writing talents in article production after discovering that the creation of content is essential when describing any product. Satish's areas of interest are fact-finding research, Search Engine Optimization, and skill development.

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Agile Data Science: Principles, Methodologies, Process
Agile is a software development technique that facilitates software construction through incremental sessions with minimal cycles so that the developm
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by Satish T

10 Jan 2023

Data Science Product Manager [Skills + How to Become One]
A concept called "data science" aims to integrate approaches from statistics, data analysis, and informatics. More data is being created and
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by Satish T

13 Jan 2023

8 Best Python Data Science Books [Beginners and Professionals]
Python could be a high-level, useful programming language that allows faster work. It supports a range of programming paradigms, as well as procedural
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by Satish T

18 Jan 2023

Project Management Risks and Strategies to Mitigate Risk
There is no such thing as a risk-free company or objective in the world; each aim has its own set of hazards that must be overcome. The greatest risk
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by Satish T

24 Jan 2023

Product Development Process: The 7 Stages Explained (with examples)
The product development process is just as vital as product management; both seem similar but have subtle variances. Product development focuses on th
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by Satish T

06 Jan 2023

15 Best Certifications in Project Management in 2023 
For all project managers and those aspiring to become project managers in the future, project management certifications are essential for success toge
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by Satish T

19 Dec 2022