The Present Day Scope of Undertaking a Course In Hadoop

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06th Sep, 2017
The Present Day Scope of Undertaking a Course In Hadoop

Hadoop is known as an open-source software framework that is being extensively used for running applications and storing data. Moreover, Hadoop makes it possible to run applications on systems that have thousands of commodity hardware nodes. It also facilitates the handling of thousands of terabytes of data. It is interesting to note that Hadoop consists of modules and concepts like Map-Reduce, HDFS, HIVE, ZOOKEEPER, and SQOOP. It is used in the field of big data as it makes way for fast and easy processing. It differs from relational databases, and it can process data that are of high volume and high velocity.

Who should undertake a course in Hadoop?

Now a days main question is Who can do hadoop course. A course in Hadoop suits those who are into ETL/Programming and looking for great job opportunities. It is also best suited for those managers who are on the lookout for the latest technologies that can be implemented in their organization. Hence, by undertaking a course in Hadoop, the managers can meet the upcoming and current challenges of data management. On the other hand, training in Hadoop can also be undertaken by any graduate and post-graduate student who is aspiring to a great career in big data analytics. As we all know, business analytics in the new buzz in the corporate world. Business analytics comprises of big data and other fundamentals of analytics. Moreover, as this field is relatively new, a graduate student can have endless opportunities if he or she decides to pursue a training course in Hadoop.

Why is Hadoop important for professionals and students?

In recent years, the context of pursuing a course in any professional subjects is of due importance. This is the reason that many present day experts are on the lookout for newer methods to enrich their skills and abilities. On the other hand, the business environment is rapidly changing. The introduction of Big Data and business analytics has opened up avenues of new courses that can help a professional in their growth. This is where Hadoop plays a significant role. By undertaking a course in Hadoop, a professional would be guaranteed of huge success. Following are the advantages that a professional would gain while taking a class in Hadoop- 

If a professional takes a course in Hadoop, then he or she will acquire the ability to store and process a massive amount of data quickly. This can be attributed to the fact that the load of data is increasing day by day with the introduction of social media and Internet of Things. Nowadays, businesses take ongoing feedback from these sites. Hence, a lot of data is generated in this process. If a professional undertakes a course in Hadoop, then he or she would learn how to manage this huge amount of data. In this way, he or she can become an asset for the company.

Hadoop increases the computing power of a person. When an individual undertakes training in Hadoop, he or she would learn that Hadoop's computing model; is quite adept at quickly processing big data. Hence, the more computing nodes an individual uses, the more processing power they would have.

 Hadoop is important in the context of increasing the flexibility of a company’s data framework. Hence, if an individual pursues a course in Hadoop, they can significantly contribute to the growth of a company. When compared to traditional databases, by using Hadoop you do not have to preprocess data before storing. Hadoop facilitates you to store as much data as you want. 

Hadoop also increases the scalability of a company. If a company has a team of workers who are adept at handling Hadoop, then the company can look forward to adding more data by just adding the nodes. In this case, little supervision is needed. Hence, the company can get rid of the option of an administrator. Additionally, it can be said that Hadoop facilitates the increasing use of business analytics thereby helping the company to have the edge over its rival in this slit throat competitive world.

How much is Java needed to learn Hadoop?

This is one of the most asked questions that would ever come to the mind of a professional from various backgrounds like PHP, Java, mainframes and data warehousing and want to get into a career in Big Data and Hadoop. As per many trainers, learning Hadoop is not an easy task, but it becomes hassle free if the students are aware of the hurdles to overpower it. As Hadoop is open source software which is built on Java, thus it is quite vital for every trainee in Hadoop to be well versed with the basics of Java. As Hadoop is written in Java, it becomes necessary for an individual to learn at least the basics of Java to analyze big data efficiently. 

How to learn Java to pursue a course in Hadoop?

If you are thinking of enrolling in Hadoop training, you have to learn Java as this software is based on Java. Quite interestingly, the professionals who are considering learning Hadoop can know the basics of Java from various e-books. They can also check Java tutorials online. However, it is essential to note that the learning approach of taking help from tutorials would best suit a person who is skilled at various levels of computer programming. On the other hand, Java tutorials would assist one to comprehend and retain information with code snippets. One can also enroll for several reputed online e-learning classes can provide great opportunities to learn Java to learn Hadoop.

The prerequisites for pursuing a course in Hadoop

One of the essential prerequisites for pursuing a course in Hadoop is that one should possess hands-on experience in good analytical and core Java skills. It is needed so that a candidate can grasp and apply the intriguing concepts in Hadoop. On the other hand, an individual must also possess a good analytical skill so that big data can be analyzed efficiently.  Learn more information about how to get master bigdata with hadoop certification 

Hence, by undertaking a course in Hadoop, a professional can scale to new heights in the field of data analytics.


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