Climb Up The IT Ladder With A DevOps Certification

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28th Aug, 2019
08th Sep, 2016
Climb Up The IT Ladder With A DevOps Certification

The development and advancement in IT has been phenomenal but IT education has always been a matter of concern among IT professionals. Things change rapidly in the IT world and there has always been a dearth of institutions offering education regarding the latest technological development. By the time, a course has been designed and books have been written, edited, and published, the course becomes outdated as some new technology replaces it. But this is the era of DevOps certification and DevOps is here to stay.

A recent article mentions the struggle various companies are going through looking for DevOps professionals—professionals who can deal with DevOps software programs. Let’s delve deeper and look at this issue in detail.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps or Development and Operations is a culture that involves the collaboration and communication of software developers with the other IT departments and was borne out of the need to augment the famous Agile Framework.

It can also been defined as the practice of development and operational engineers working together throughout the service lifecycle—starting from the design and development to delivery and customer support.

Importance of DevOps

The benefits of DevOps are many and aligning all the departments ensures a faster delivery rate and reduces risks associated with production changes too. Here some of the benefits of DevOps in organisations:

● The problems are not very complex and can be solved easily
● Software delivery becomes an easy and continuous process
● Features get delivered much more quickly
● The operating environment becomes stable
● More time becomes available to add value as less time is required in problem solving

Some measurable benefits DevOps offers to organisations are:

A short development cycle

Since the DevOps culture promotes the increased communication and collaboration of the development and operation teams, this translates to a shorter timeframe when it comes to development as there is a shift from engineering code to executable production code.

Improved collaboration between teams

DevOps improves the transparency between the various teams which aids in effective decision making. It paves the way for better business agility and creates an atmosphere where mutual collaboration, communication, and integration becomes a necessity among the various teams of an IT organisation placed in different parts of the world.

Better Defect Detection

DevOps in built on the same framework as Agile.With DevOps, it becomes significantly easier to detect defects as the bigger codebases get broken into smaller and more manageable features.

Improved ROI

DevOps is based on Agile principles and that ensures faster development of software programs. With faster defect detection and solution to problems, you can ensure a frequent delivery to your client, which in turn will improve your returns on investment (ROI).

In short, organisations that have embraced benefits of DevOps have more time to focus on innovation and improvement that contributes to the overall development of the organisation. They have tools to automate routine tasks allowing the employees to focus on things that will help in growing the business. In just matter of a few years, DevOps has come a long way and many companies are taking the DevOps route for effective production.

Why DevOps Certification?

Organisations are already looking for DevOps certified professionals, who are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry.

The concept of DevOps is still new to the world and the demand for DevOps professionals is quite high. As more and more organisations are embracing this framework, the demand for DevOps-skilled professionals will grow and so earning this certification will help you to climb your career ladder.



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