Different Types of PRINCE2 Jobs and How To Get One In 2022?

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06th May, 2022
25th Apr, 2022
Different Types of PRINCE2 Jobs and How To Get One In 2022?

It is common for project management professionals or individuals interested in the sector to meet across jobs that need a PRINCE2 certification. This qualification is widely accepted by employers as a certificate that validates an individual's mastery of important project management concepts. In this article, we have outlined Different Types of PRINCE2 Jobs and tips to get one in 2022.

Job Opportunities for PRINCE2 Certified Professionals

Here are some of the PRINCE2 project management jobs that you can land with the PRINCE2 project management certification.  

Project Administrator 

Project administrators are important members of project management teams because they generate project reports, coordinate team members, and supervise the majority of the administrative duties that the team requires. They may plan meetings, procure supplies, take detailed notes, organize presentations, and manage project data. This is an entry-level position in the project management field that a PRINCE2 foundation jobs qualification can assist in attaining. 

1. Project Coordinator 

Project coordinators help project managers manage their projects. These mid-level personnel create project timetables, track teammates' progress, and create task schedules. Spreadsheets and specialized progress-tracking software are some of the instruments used by project managers. They seek to discover and resolve challenges that are impeding growth. Having a PRINCE2 certificate assists these individuals by providing them with fundamental project management skills as well as PRINCE2 job opportunities for career advancement. 

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2. Operations Manager 

Human resource operations and organizational procedures are overseen by operations managers. Individuals in this job who have project management degrees are proficient in project planning, implementation, and management. The function of an operations manager boosts team effectiveness, quality, and efficiency. When applying for a position as an operations manager, a PRINCE2 certification demonstrates your familiarity with the industry-recognized project management standard. 

3. Project Analyst 

From conception to conclusion, project analysts examine and document the needs of a project. They develop, maintain, and distribute project reports to the team and stakeholders. Project analysts also do project analysis, maintain project databases, and assess the budget and timeline of a project. These specialists are critical in determining the development and success of a project. This is an intermediate-level position in the project management field that a PRINCE2 practitioner jobs qualification can seek. 

4. Program Manager 

Program managers are in charge of coordinating a company's many initiatives. These specialists link the objectives of the projects and the organization by coordinating project activities such as meetings or brainstorming sessions. Program managers are responsible for overseeing several projects under one program rather than managing a single project. With a PRINCE2 certification, especially the practitioner certificate, program managers will be able to better grasp how to coordinate many projects and align their aims with those of the business. 

5. Project Manager 

Project managers collaborate with all team members. They report changes to a project, resolve concerns, and monitor individual and team progress to guarantee the project's success. Project managers are also in charge of budgeting and keeping track of progress in relation to deadlines. They may also manage customer expectations and provide feedback to project teams on occasion. Project managers may collaborate with program managers to match the goals of their projects with the goals of other teams or corporate goals. 

6. Project Director 

Project directors are in charge of overseeing the whole spectrum of all projects that the organization in designing and implementing. These top executives create and carry out strategic plans to boost project development. They also make hiring and financial choices for the projects of their teams. Project directors occasionally oversee and supervise teams of project managers. A PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is required for these jobs, as a high degree of expertise and experience in project management is required for a good project director. 

7. Product Owner 

Product owners collaborate with an organization's development team to generate and articulate a vision for its product. They also assist the team define development priorities and establishing to-do lists. Product owners serve as the primary point of contact between a company's clients or stakeholders and its internal staff. They assess the progress of a project while conveying modifications or results to fulfil the customers' requirements. 

8. Project Engineer 

To facilitate the seamless execution of projects, project engineers often manage internal resources and third parties and vendors. They keep track of project progress to ensure that they are completed on schedule and within budget. In addition, project engineers manage resources, create thorough project plans, manage client and stakeholder duties, and assign project work to subordinate staff members. These specialists also do risk management analysis and, if necessary, elevate problems to management. 

9. Head of Project Management 

The head of project management controls all project management within a company. They provide guidance and direction to project managers in charge of their initiatives. They also do project reviews and reports, as well as provide recommendations to increase organization performance, profitability, and effectiveness. Budgeting and staffing are two more tasks of project managers. They also offer training and upskilling options to members of their project management teams. 

Job Scopes After Gaining Experience

Work experience in a relevant field will help you prepare for a rewarding career in PRINCE2 project management jobs. Gaining work experience, even as a volunteer or an intern, will also allow you to begin building a professional network that can assist you in obtaining PRINCE2 qualification jobs in the future. 

The job experience part of your resume also allows you to highlight your most notable accomplishments in your professional PRINCE2 careers. Focusing on the goals you met in your previous PRINCE2 trainer jobs work can help you demonstrate to your employer how you can assist a team in succeeding. 

Here are some of the PRINCE2 certification jobs Scopes after gaining experience: 

  1. Project manager 
  2. Senior project manager 
  3. Director of project management 
  4. VP of operations, COO 
  5. Chief Operating Officer 

Some of the top-paying trending PRINCE2 Jobs in 2022: 

Project administrator$34,284 per year
Project coordinator$52,552 per year
Operations manager$68,781 per year
Project analyst$65,536 per year
Program manager$72,192 per year
Project director$118,091 per year

How to Become a PRINCE2 Professional?

Levels of PRINCE2 Certification

There are three levels of PRINCE2® certification: 

  • PRINCE2® Foundation: This certification introduces the PRINCE2® technique and seeks to validate that a person is familiar with and understands the PRINCE2 method well enough to deploy it in a PRINCE2® enabled environment. The PRINCE2® Foundation certification is also required for the Practitioner certification, which is the next level. 
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner: This certification is for project management professionals who desire to further their careers by enhancing their knowledge of the PRINCE2® Methodology. The PRINCE2® Practitioner certification exam assesses a professional's competence to execute non-complex operations across all streams. 
  • PRINCE2 Agile: This certification is intended for project management professionals who already have PRINCE2® credentials and are searching for additional instruction on the use of the agile methodology. This qualification is appropriate for industries of any domain and scale. It offers scalability as well as the ability to integrate with corporate management procedures. 

Once you have a PRINCE2 certification to display on your CV, you can go worldwide with PRINCE2 job opportunities. Because this program course will provide you with critical project management core abilities, you will be able to secure different types of project management jobs with well-known multinational businesses. These skills will enable you to face and handle any project issues front on while remaining entirely confident in the direction you are taking. If you have been working as an unqualified project manager for some time, a PRINCE2 certification on your CV will allow you to be regarded as an all-around professional with the opportunity to work for significant and growth-oriented job designations. 

Tips to Get a Job

Showcase foundational skills 

Here are some skills you should have during the hiring process: 

  • Communication: Communication is one of the most important roles of project managers. Communication skills assist a project in meeting goals and keeping project owners up to date on the state of a project. 
  • Organization: As a project manager, you must handle various components in most projects. This necessitates a high level of precision and organization to keep the project on track and under budget. 
  • Leadership: Leadership abilities make your colleagues feel more at ease with you and your job as project manager, and you can inspire team members to perform their assignments on time. 
  • Find training opportunities 

There are many online project management training courses where you can learn more about the role of a project manager, project management methodologies and common tools that professional project managers use. Look for courses, PRINCE2 training jobs, workshops through online platforms, conferences, webinars and project management agencies. Sign up for trials of popular project management software so you can get familiar with various programs. Look for the PRINCE2 foundation jobs titles. The entry-level positions have accountability in overseeing processes, tasks and other people. You will be able to grow in this role and, with the experience, seek higher-level PRINCE2 agile2 jobs for project management positions. You will definitely be rewarded because of the hard work you put forth. 


PRINCE2 certification will teach you skills that will help you manage a project more successfully and effectively. The certification will definitely increase your chances of landing the best PRINCE2 project management jobs 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is PRINCE2 valuable to your Career?

PRINCE2 is valuable for a career in project management. It is a highly adaptable approach that may be used for projects in any industry or region. PRINCE2 is also a mandatory prerequisite for many project management employers.  

2. What job can I get as a PRINCE2 practitioner?

  • Project Manager, IT. 
  • Senior Project Manager, IT. 
  • Service Delivery Manager. 
  • Program Manager, IT. 
  • Project Manager, Software Development. 
  • Customer Project Manager. 
  • Technical Project Manager. 
  • Project Management Analyst. 

3. What sectors use PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is used within various sectors, including the public sector, banking, marketing, operations management, and engineering.  

4. Does PRINCE2 increase salary?

PRINCE2 certification improves your position in the job market, increases salary and career progression. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a PRINCE2 Practitioner job ranges from $40,000 to $242,000 per year. 




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