Most Demanding Software Testing Jobs in Singapore in 2023

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19th Apr, 2023
Most Demanding Software Testing Jobs in Singapore in 2023

There are ample opportunities in the country, especially software testing jobs in Singapore for Indians looking for lucrative software tester jobs in Singapore. The primary objective of these jobs is to test software for bugs and faulty components before it is released. Remediating malware after software launches can be expensive and time-consuming, making it imperative for professionals to launch and develop bug-free software. It is an excellent opportunity to work with Singapore companies as a software tester, which is about eliminating errors and meeting consumer requirements. 

As a software testing professional, you need the skills, education, expertise, Software Testing training and certification, and knowledge necessary to fulfill your professional role and job goals. However, the prerequisites may vary by profile, and it is vital to understand them correctly. You must possess the appropriate technical knowledge, soft skills, and understanding to complete the job seamlessly. It is substantial to recognize that all these skills are integral parts of each other to achieve the desired result. However, before delving into these two essential aspects, it is important first to understand the basics of software testing. 

What is Software Testing?

Software applications are an integral part of our everyday processes, which helps our business proposition and quickly resolves various daily activities. It is important to understand the basic mechanics of the application. Software testing is all about checking all the critical checkpoints and ensuring that the customers get exactly what they need based on their business needs.

The core purpose of a software testing job is to find loopholes and unnecessary bugs that can jeopardize the smooth running of software-based applications. Identifying problems in advance helps you analyze and understand existing problems and potential problem solutions. 

So, let us now understand the role and responsibilities of a software tester!

What Do Software Testers Do?

Before delivering software or implementation to production, an application undergoes a basic evaluation process from a business and technical perspective using the skills required for software testing. Synchronization of these two segments is necessary to achieve a proper mix. Ease of use should not be underestimated either. 

Ultimately, the software tester's job is to streamline complex manual processes and make them more user-friendly so that they can be conveniently used by everyone involved. During the testing phase, an evaluation is also performed to see if any gaps could cause problems after implementation. In short, software testing is an integral part of maintaining quality standards. Now let's understand the salary offered to software testers in Singapore and the basic software testing skills needed to become a proper software testing professional. 

Software Tester Jobs Based on Experience in Singapore

Experience is the most crucial factor in determining salary. Of course, more years of experience bring a higher salary. Here are the salaries of software test engineers broken down by experience level. 

  • Trainee-Level with less than two years of experience earns around S$3,950 per month. 
  • Junior/ or Entry-level software testing jobs in Singapore - A person with experience between 2-5 years is expected to earn S$5,160 per month, which is 31% higher than software testing jobs in Singapore for freshers
  • Mid-Level Jobs - Software test engineer jobs in Singapore with 5 to 10 years of experience will result in a monthly salary of S$7,230.
  • Senior-Level Jobs - On average, after ten years of service, the annual salary is double the starting salary. 
  • Leader-Level Jobs - In addition, a software testing engineer with 10 to 15 years of experience earns S$8,690 per month, which is 20% higher than a software tester with ten years of experience. With an experience level of 15 to 20 years, the expected wage is S$9,430 per month, making him 9% higher than someone with 10 to 15 years of experience. Employees with more than 20 years of experience will be paid S$10,200 per month. This is 8% higher than employees with 15 to 20 years of experience. 

Software Test Engineer Average Salary Change by Experience in Singapore 

Experience LevelSalary Hike percentYears of experienceAverage Salary (SGD)



0-2 years 


Junior/Entry-Level Jobs


2-5 years 


Mid-Level Jobs



5 - 10 Years 


Senior-Level Jobs




10 - 15 Years 



Leader-Level Jobs



15 - 20 Years 


Leader-Level Jobs



20+ Years 



Highest-paying jobs as Software Tester in Singapore 

Let us look at some of the highest-paying jobs in software testers in Singapore:

  • Quality Assurance Analyst - The Quality Assurance Analyst or QA tests software, websites, and other technical products to resolve potential issues. 
  • Quality Assurance Team Coordinator - A QA Team Coordinator works on developing QA Processes and Procedures, directing QA Teams to do the above-mentioned 
  • Test Manager - Test managers plan, control, and coordinate various test activities and find out which is the most suitable and can be used for test activities. 
  • Automation Test Engineer - Test automation developers or engineers are software developers who design and write programs. These scripts help run automatic tests on software – a critical part of the software development cycle. 
  • Performance Test Engineer - A performance testing engineer does performance testing to develop test cases and plans, analyze results and handle potential threats. 

Quality Assurance Engineer 

Average S$3,929 per month 

Software Engineer 

Average S$5,305 per month 

Automation Engineer 

Average S$4,662 per month 

Test Engineer 

Average S$4,371 per month 

Quality Assurance Analyst 

Average S$3,209 per month 

Quality Assurance Manager 

Average S$5,293 per month 

Remote/Freelance Software Tester Jobs in Singapore

Working from home is a good idea for people looking for remote software tester jobs in Singapore, especially for companies that need to test their software regularly. Software Tester's average salary is SGD 3,252 per month in Singapore, and the average additional cash compensation for software testers in the Singapore region is SGD 2,502 and ranges from SGD 4 to SGD 5,000.

The average salary for a software test engineer in Singapore is S$5,207 monthly. Apart from remote tester jobs, Singapore also provides multiple part-time software tester jobs. 

Singapore-based Software Tester Jobs for Indians / Foreigners with Relocation and Visa Sponsorship Benefits

Skilled and qualified Indian citizens who wish to work in Singapore can obtain a work permit provided they obtain employment with an employer or an Employment Agency (EA). All software testing jobs in Singapore for Indian experienced candidates require you to have a valid passport and be at least 18 years of age to obtain a passport. 

There is a world-class infrastructure and growth opportunity that offers many software tester job opportunities in Singapore, allowing software testers from India to settle in the country and find satisfying jobs. A computer science background is not compulsory to get software testing jobs in Singapore with visa sponsorship. 

To work in Singapore, you must apply for software tester jobs in Singapore with visa sponsorship through your employer. Most work visas are tied to an employer, except for the Personalized Employment Passport (PEP). The Employment Pass or S Pass is suitable for managers or managers' workers. To obtain these jobs in Singapore for foreigners, you must first be employed by a company, which will then apply for the appropriate work visa. It is relatively easy to get a work visa in Singapore compared to other countries such as China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

Top Companies Who Hire Software Testers in Singapore

Here are some of the top companies and the salary they offer for software tester jobs in Singapore on a per-hour basis:

Impact QA services LLC 

S$25 to S$49/hr 


< S$25/hr 


< S$25/hr 

NetSet Software Solutions 

S$25 to S$49/hr 


S$50 to S$99/hr 

App Maisters Inc 

S$50 to S$99/hr 

Indus Net Technologies 

< S$25/hr 

Genesis Lab 

S$50 to S$99/hr 

Intelegain Technologies 

S$25 to S$49/hr 

Stellen Infotech 

S$25 to S$49/hr 

Virtual Electronics PTE LTD 

S$25 to S$49/hr 

Rococo Consultant Pvt. Ltd 

S$100 to S$149/hr 

Tecziq Solutions Pvt Ltd 

S$25 to S$49/hr 

Oodles Technologies. Pvt Ltd 

S$25 to S$49/hr 


S$25 to S$49/hr 

The Best Cities for Software Tester Jobs near Singapore

Let us take a look at the best cities and the kind of salaries offered by them for software tester jobs in Singapore.


S$6,243 per month 


S$5,707 per month 


S$5,476 per month 


S$5,472 per month 


S$5,338 per month 

Ang Mo Kio 

S$5,222 per month 

Tanjong Pagar 

S$5,206 per month 


S$5,180 per month 


S$5,120 per month 

Required Skills for Software Tester Jobs in Singapore

The technical Skills of a Software Tester are listed below:

  • Programming Skills 
  • Frontend Skills 
  • Knowledge of Source Control Systems 
  • Backend Skills 
  • Writing Automated Tests 
  • Knowledge of Software Testing Tools 
  • Database and SQL Skills 
  • Automation & coding skill 

For basic programming knowledge, opt for upskilling through learning Selenium, Java, TestNG, Jenkins, and so on for full-time or part-time software tester jobs in Singapore. 

Soft Skills and Other Requirements of a software tester:  

  • Good communication skills 
  • Think analytically. 
  • Break the problem into smaller segments and properly examine each element to find the best possible solution. 
  • Collecting data and information for analysis to make decisions and recommendations keen eye for detail. 
  • Commitment to Quality 
  • Prompt provision of information and clarification of clues when fraud is discovered. 
  • Take full responsibility for ensuring a regular follow-up process on errors for correction and re-inspection. 
  • Regular communication with developers as needed, intuitive reporting and documentation. 
  • Understand different perspectives. 
  • Curiosity and creativity 
  • It should be very adaptable. 
  • Understand your business and its customers. 

Education Requirements to get Software Test Manager Jobs in Singapore

Software Test Engineer average salary difference by education level in Singapore 

Here is a break-up of salaries offered to software test engineers based on their educational qualification for full-time and freelancing software tester jobs in Singapore:

QualificationsSalary (SGD)

Certificate or Diploma 


Bachelor's Degree 


Master's Degree 


Higher education ensures a higher-paying job, and the average salary increase at the time of job change is about 10% higher than the average salary increase. A master's or postgraduate program in Singapore costs between S$42,200 and S$127,000 and takes about two years to complete. It is an excellent investment as a salary review will occur after your training and your degree are awarded. 

Top Certifications to get Software Tester jobs in Singapore

Some of the best certifications that can land you lucrative and high-paying Singapore jobs for software testing are:

Software Testing Training And Certification

Learn software testing training and certification by applying testing skills in a work-like environment and the best practices and use modern tools for comprehensive testing. Even for intern software tester jobs in Singapore, you must learn from industry experts with decades of software testing experience. 

  • Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST) - On an overall basis, this certification will assess your candidature on grounds of resource planning, traceability, and controlling of various test processes, implementing and designing the product which will meet the requirements of the customers, and maintenance of releases somewhere related to the quality standards of this competitive market.
  • Certified Tester ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) - For those who are just getting started in software testing and want to learn the fundamental methods and ideas, this course is the ideal crash course. Those who want to prepare for the ISTQB Foundation level certification exam may find the course beneficial. 
  • Certified ISTQB Test Analyst Advanced Level (CTAL-TA) - This online course is available to assist students in getting ready for the ISTQB advanced-level test analyst certification exam. You will discover how to choose and use test designs for various applications by the end of this course. The course also teaches you how to use efficient testing methodologies to develop high-quality test design requirements. 
  • Certified Software Tester (CSTE) - This certification is ideal if you wish to set up appropriate criteria for determining eligibility at the outset and give clear instructions so that testing may be done through a self-assertive educational program. You must be able to use the ideas and techniques of quality control if you wish to become a certified software tester. 
  • Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST) - It makes no difference if you are a testing novice or have some expertise. Every testing expert should possess the CAST, or Certified Associate in Software Testing, credential, which is given by QAI Global Institute. One of the greatest software testing certifications for beginners looking to enter the field with an understanding of automation is CAST. 

Knowledgehut's Software Testing Training Courses

Software testing ensures that end users receive a working product. Enroll in our software testing course and learn why software testers are essential to building great software products. Become a trusted software tester who can identify product issues before they reach your users. Examine software testing practices that include testing performance, security, and other aspects of your product to ensure your users have a great experience. 

The selenium course for beginners offers 24-hour immersive sessions with the instructor is imperative to learn about automated testing with Selenium through interactive, hands-on learning. Deep dive into Selenium IDE, RC, Grid, and WebDriver concepts and obtain the skills to create automated tests for your applications. Create a framework for testing web applications and get free e-learning access to over 100 courses

How to Get a Job as Software Tester in Singapore

Follow these steps to get a good job as Software Tester in Singapore

Step 1 – Get the Right Education 

It doesn't matter what your degree major is: BSC-IT, BSC-Physics, Mechanical Engineer, or Electrical Engineer to participate in software testing and quality assurance.

Step 2 – Get the Right Certifications 

Get the right certifications, such as software testing training and certification, a selenium course for beginners, or Knowledgehut's Software Testing training courses.

Step 3 – Upgrade your skills and experience. 

  • Learn Java and other programming languages like JavaScript and Python. It will help you build a robust automated testing resume. 
  • Get trained on Selenium, learn protractor and focus on Protractor training, Rest Assured (API testing), and database testing. 
  • DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud technologies like AWS are in high demand. CI/CD cannot be achieved without automated testing. Expand your CI/CD knowledge and create a profile that not only allows you to create quality tests but also automates those tests and accelerates deployment for your organization. 

Job Position or Application Area

You can progress from Test Engineer to Lead Test Engineer and from Test Lead to Test Manager. Others can be a QA lead or her QA manager. The types of jobs in software tester in Singapore available on several sites are vast. As a career in software testing, anyone can consider the following positions: 

  • QA Analyst/Trainee Tester(Fresher) 
  • QA Analyst/Software Tester (1-3 years experience) 
  • QA Analyst (3-5 years experience) 
  • Software Test Engineer(3-5 years experience) 
  • QA Team Coordinator(5-6 years experience) 
  • Test Manager(8-11 years experience) 
  • Senior Test Manager(14+ experience) 

Career Scopes of Software Tester in Singapore

Specialize in the Agile world, change the type of testing and tools, become an expert in the field of business, do research in the field of testing, speak at conferences, attend meetups, and you have the leverage to opt for different career paths as a software tester in Singapore in various segments:

  • Manual testing 

A manual tester manually validates the software application by combining test conditions and scenarios. 

  • Automated testing 

Automation testers are responsible for automating the execution of manual test cases using automation tools to reduce execution time. 

  • Performance testing 

Software application responsiveness is checked using tools such as LoadRunner and WEBLoad.

  • Business analyst 

A business analyst analyzes and evaluates a company's business model and workflow. 


The software tester profile has changed significantly over the past decade. A career in software testing has become a focus for multiple application and product implementations. Companies recognize the importance of structured pre-release application testing. Testing spawns multiple levels and types, and specializing in these different test types has increased the intrinsic value of a career in software testing. 

Good knowledge of the application domain area is an added value for testing professionals. There are industries that offer the best software tester jobs in Singapore, such as BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Embedded. Each of these areas has a number of certifications available for testers, like Knowledgehut's Software Testing training courses. With the influx of technology in the digital age, the need to test applications, software, and websites has become an imperative process. So, as long as you need to guarantee the quality of your output, there are service providers looking for experienced software testers. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which job search portals are best for software testers in Singapore?

Some of the best job search portals for finding the most thriving software testing jobs in Singapore are LinkedIn, NodeFlair, eFinancialCareers, StartUp Jobs Asia, Tech in Asia, MyCareersFuture, and Glassdoor.

2What are the major selection criteria for a software tester in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore?
  • The major selection criteria for a software tester in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore is 
  • A University degree in information technology or engineering 
  • 3+ years of relevant experience in executing tests and developing test automation solutions using devices (UI-based or embedded) and/or back-office systems. 
  • Familiarity with the entire system development lifecycle from requirements to development, testing, and deployment. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Works well alone or in teams. 
  • Software Testing Certification. 
  • Experience in various test execution phases (agile testing, system testing, system integration testing, and user acceptance testing)
3To get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a software tester include on their resume?

First, you should list all your skills, education, work experience, platforms, technologies, projects you need to work on, etc. Then start researching other job descriptions and use keywords in your resume. Make a list of relevant skills, education, and experience you want to highlight on your resume. 

Software testing resume template: 

  • Header 
  • Goals 
  • Summary of work experience 
  • Certifications 
  • Work experience 
  • Technical (IT) Skills 
  • Educational Information 
  • Projects Undertaken 
4In Singapore, can anybody become a software tester?

In Singapore, you can easily become a software tester if you have a relevant degree, the necessary skills, appropriate certifications, and industry experience.

5Is the software tester well-paid in Singapore?

A software tester in Singapore is quite well-paid. According to Glassdoor, SGD 3,252 /mo with an Additional Cash Compensation of an average of SGD 2,502 ranging between SGD 4 - SGD 5,000.

6Which is the best place to learn software testing in Singapore?

The best place to study software testing is KnowledgeHut, where you can complete thriving and imperative courses like software testing training and certification, selenium course for beginners, and Knowledgehut's software testing training courses. 

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