Introduction Blog To TestComplete

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11th Mar, 2021
14th Jan, 2020
Introduction Blog To TestComplete

With modern businesses becoming bigger and better, competition is getting higher than ever before. Hence, it’s incredibly important to assure that a company is offering quality products to its consumers to keep up with its competitors. So how a company can deliver a quality product? One particular way is through TestComplete. 

So, what is TestComplete? 

TestComplete is an Automated UI Testing Tool developed by SmartBear Software that lets you create, maintain, and execute functional tests across desktop, web and mobile applications. TestComplete helps testers develop their test cases in various scripting languages like JavaScript, Python, etc. It is the only test automation tool you will ever need. 

TestComplete Components: 

  • TestComplete Platform 
  • TestComplete Desktop Module 
  • TestComplete Web Module 
  • TestComplete Mobile Module 

1. TestComplete Platform: 

It powers TestCompleteDesktop, Mobile automated testing tools, and Web which will help you build solid automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environment smoothly and instantly. The TestComplete platform is a prerequisite either to use TestCompleteDesktop, Web or Mobile. 

TestComplete Platform

2. TestCompleteDesktop Module 

It imparts support for testing a variety of desktop applications which are created by various languages. TestCompleteDesktop comes with many functional testing capabilities and automated testing  tools, and has everything you need in an automated testing tool. 

TestCompleteDesktop Module

Watch the video about TestCompleteMobile Module here 

3. TestCompleteWeb Module: 

The TestCompleteWeb Module helps you create functional tests for websites and automated Graphical User Interface (GUI), web apps and mobile applications. You can also create robust web tests within a short span of time. TestCompleteWeb comes with diverse features that make automating web testing effective and productive. 

4. TestCompleteMobile Module: 

It allows you to create robust automated tests for web, native, web or hybrid mobile Android applications. There is no need to root your devices since it provides full device control. 

TestCompleteMobile Module

TestComplete License Types and License Cost: 

TestComplete licenses include the following information: 

  • The names of the product modules and add-ons you can use 
  • The number of product instances that can work concurrently 

TestComplete licenses are of two types: 

  • Node-Locked License 
  • Floating User License 

1.Node-Locked License:

This is a license for a software application which is assigned to one computer or dongle. This license is also referred to as Single Use License, Device License, Machine Based License, etc. This can’t be activated on virtual computers, and you can use other licenses like Floating User license or TestExecute if you need to run tests on virtual computers. 

2. Floating User License:

Floating User License is often used for high-value applications in corporate environments such as engineering tools and electronic design automation. Floating User License is a common way for a company to share a limited number of licenses among its FME users. 

3. TestComplete Prices: 

The prices for TestComplete cover 12  months of support and maintenance: 

For Node Locked: 

LicensePrice (USD)
TestComplete Platform988
TestComplete Mobile Module1295
TestComplete Web Module995
TestComplete Desktop Module995

For Floating Users:

LicensePrice (USD)
TestComplete Platform2498
TestComplete Mobile Module2595
TestComplete Web Module1995
TestComplete Desktop Module1995

Features of TestComplete 

TestComplete is an automated testing tool which is easy to create automated tests. It provides special features for creating tests, automating test actions, running tests, etc. It helps you improve your test coverage and assures a high-quality software. Let’s dive deeper and understand the features of TestComplete. 

 1. Distributed testing:

TestComplete can run several automated tests across separate workstations. 

 2. Test of record and playback:

It records the key actions required to replay the test and rejects the unnecessary actions. 

 3. Test Visualizer:

TestComplete help you capture screenshots automatically during test execution and playback. This allows you to do a quick comparison between expected and actual screens during test. 

 4. Scripted testing:

TestComplete has a built-in code editor which helps testers write scripts manually. You can write test scripts from scratch or modify the recorded ones. 

 5. Access to methods and properties of internal objects:

TestComplete reads the names of the many internal elements of .NET, Java, Visual basic applications, Delphi, etc,, and also other visible elements. 

Benefits of TestComplete 

TestComplete is benefited in many ways. It has an open flexible architecture that enables users to automate applications across various browser and platforms. It also has built-in test samples to help you to get started with the tool. TestComplete is the most stable tool. Let’s discuss the top reasons to use or learn TestComplete. 

 1. Simple and easy to use:

With its simplistic continuous integration feature, it turns out to be easily accessible and usable. People who don’t know any code can also use this. 

 2. Swift execution:

TesComplete help you to create precise and repetitive automated testing quickly on different devices. Test Visualizer helps in saving time for developers while debugging. 

 3. Customization:

In TestComplete, you will have an option to write or edit script manually if you find the editor tool insufficient. 

 4. Timely updates: 

With TestComplete you can always expect immeasurable customer support, high levels of maintenance, and regular updates. 

Cons of TestComplete:- 

  • TestCompleteLicense cost is a bit high, but it is still cheaper than QTP 
  • Only supports Windows 
  • It doesn’t support Mac 
  • There is not enough support available through open communities 
  • It is not easy to start with official documentation

 Career in TestComplete 

TestComplete is one of the best automation tools available in the market. With the increase in demand and changes in technology. TestComplete is highly popular nowadays. As the leader in the Gartner report for Test Automation tools in 2018,  there are plenty of opportunities available for professionals with skills in TestComplete. 

Are you considering making the switch to TestComplete? Then develop the essential skills to transform into a TestComplete professional. Taking up the TestComplete training will help you learn the fundamentals of the TestComplete tool and also provides in-depth knowledge on advanced level concepts. 

Carey Payette says “Training comes in handy to get a jump on new technologies and become more comfortable with them”.For software professionals, it is a must-have qualification to stay relevant and updated with advancements in the current market industry. The more technical and automated skills you have, the more marketable you will be as a tester. A survey conducted by ZipRecruiter says that the average annual pay for an Automation QA Tester in the United States is $87,521 a year. 

So, make the right decision to skill up withTestComplete, and step into the world of Automation testing! 



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