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Python Developer Salary in 2024 [Fresher to Experienced]

28th Dec, 2023
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    Python Developer Salary in 2024 [Fresher to Experienced]

    The future of technology lies in networking and artificial intelligence. Even the IT giants in India and overseas are putting their time and effort into AI projects, and hiring in this domain is happening on a large scale. The most demanding job role is a Python developer. This programming language is the most suited for networking and AI operations. So, if you are skilled in it, you can expect a secure and promising career in this domain.

    The emerging demand has raised the Python developer's salary on average, provided you have hands-on experience and proven expertise in the domain. Before you decide that becoming a Python developer is your calling, it is better to understand the job roles and junior Python developer salary. It will give you a clear picture of the future, and you can decide if it would be an apt professional career. 

    Who is a Python Developer? 

    Python is a programming language, and the professionals who understand this language thoroughly have various job roles to play. Out of all of them, a Python developer is the professional who codes in this programming language. They design and develop programs and software tools for networking and artificial intelligence using it as the programming language. This developer works in collaboration with data analysts and software engineers. These experts help gather all the requirements based on which the developer codes the application.

    The demand for these professionals is high, and the entry-level Python developer salary is also attractive. You can grab the best opportunities if you come from a relevant educational background and have completed certification courses in this programming language. Let us share some figures to clarify how much a Python developer can make in 2024.

    Python Developer Salary in 2024 

    This programming language has become highly demanding in the market, increasing job opportunities many folds. Every organization is looking for qualified experts who can prove an asset to them. They will be ready to pay you the best full-stack Python developer salary if you are what they are looking for. Speaking about the figures, a Python developer earns an average salary of $79,000. This number varies with multiple factors, including location, company, experience, and more.

    Let us discuss the salary packages on the basis of experience level first.

    Python Developer Salary: Based on Experience 

    Irrespective of the domain, the salaries of experienced professionals are always higher than those of freshers. The primary reasons behind this salary difference are:

    • Experienced developers have a better understanding of the language and can work more efficiently than the freshers.
    • Experience increases exposure. It means developers have already come across various scenarios and will be better able to handle any possible complications.

    So, the average Python developer salary is $1,00,100 per year.

    Listed below are the levels a Python developer would go through in his career and the salaries at all these levels.

    1. Beginner Roles

    Initially, employers would not assign you significant projects and you may have to work as a part of the development team, assisting the senior developers with the code. Some of the titles that you can get at the entry level are mentioned in the table below.

    Job Role
    Junior Python Developer$82000

    2. Intermediate

    After you have gained at least five years of experience, you enter into the intermediate job phase. You would start getting live projects and may even have teams working under you. The titles you can get at this level and the Python web developer's salary at the intermediate phase are mentioned in the table below.

    Job RoleSalary
    Associate Python Developer$99,500

    3. Advanced

    The last level of your career would be after you have completed about ten years in the domain. You will all be set to be a part of the higher authoritative team, like the project managers. Some of the titles and the senior Python developer's salary are mentioned in the table below.

    Job RoleSalary
    Senior Python Developer$105,500

    Another factor that determines or impacts the Python develo per salary is the location. The salary packages in the smaller cities are limited as there are limited opportunities for the aspirants. However, multinational firms offer an attractive Python software developer salary.

    Python Developer Salary: Based on Location 

    1. India

    Over the years, India has emerged as an IT hub, with countless companies and projects starting here. Hence, you can expect promising job opportunities and attractive salary packages for Python developers in India. In India also, you would have to look for jobs in cities like Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore and other metropolitans to fetch the best salary package according to your capabilities. Some of the cities and companies you can choose from in India are listed below.

    Cities in IndiaAverage Salary (INR)
    Bangalore₹ 702K/yr
    Hyderabad₹ 704K/yr
    Pune₹ 702K/yr
    Chennai₹ 600K/yr
    Delhi₹ 651K/yr
    Kolkata₹ 479K/yr
    Ahmedabad₹ 606K/yr
    Mumbai₹ 738K/yr

    2. US

    The United States also has promising opportunities for IT professionals. There are countless Python developer jobs in the country, as it is amongst the countries with the highest demand for Python developers. Moreover, the average Python software developer's salary in the US is $9900. Some of the cities and the companies you can choose in the US are listed below

    US LocationSoftware Engineer Salary /year
    San Francisco$160,703
    Los Angeles$156,000

    3. UK

    While considering the UK, you may not find as many opportunities for a Python developer as in the US. However, you would never have to struggle to make ends meet. Even the freelance Python developer's salary in the UK is around 30000  €. Some of the cities and the companies you can choose in the UK are:

    • Move to London, and companies like Waracle can give you a salary package of about 10000 Euros.
    • Manchester also has promising job options for Python developers with competitive salaries.

    4. Australia

    If you are an experienced Python developer, you can make up to $ 2,00,000 in Australia. The average per-hour salary is about $70, and you can enjoy all the perks of a secured and fruitful career. You can also plan to work as a freelancer in Australia, and you wouldn’t have to struggle to earn sufficient money. Some of the cities and companies you can choose in Australia are:

    CityAverage Salary /year
    Adelaide96,700 AUD
    Brisbane106,000 AUD
    Canberra-Queanbeyan94,600 AUD
    Gold Coast-Tweed92,200 AUD
    Gosford88,500 AUD
    Melbourne100,000 AUD
    Newcastle95,200 AUD
    Perth101,000 AUD
    Sunshine Coast85,900 AUD
    Sydney105,000 AUD

    There are other tech giants offering the best job opportunities in this market.

    5. Canada

    Talking about the Python backend developer salary? Canada will never disappoint you! There are many cities in the country that have big IT firms with renowned reputations. All these companies offer promising Python developer positions at an excellent salary scale. Some of the cities and companies you can choose in Canada are:

    • Ottawa hosts Collabera and other big companies that hire Python developers regularly, and you can surely consider them.
    • You can move to Mississauga, where companies like Synechron have full-time Python developer positions at an excellent salary.
    Top Cities in Canada Hiring Python DeveloperAverage Salary/year

    6. Singapore

    Over the years, Singapore has also emerged as a promising IT market, and the companies here are actively hiring Python developers. Though you will find the best job through the recruiters here in this country, the opportunities would be attractive. Some of the cities and companies you can choose in Singapore are:

    • Changi has renowned companies, like JP Morgan, that can offer you an average salary package of about $ 90,000.
    • You also have companies like HCL Tech in Singapore that again offer excellent packages to deserving candidates.
      Based on this information, you can pick the city of your choice and start your career as a Python developer there!  

    Python Developer Salary: Based on Top Companies 

    Top companies with a list of significant projects have a higher demand for professionals having a hold on the Python programming language. This figure goes down as you switch to less popular companies that don’t have proper demand. The salary scale in top companies is mentioned below:

    CompaniesAverage Salary
    Xenon IT$1,09,630/Year
    Bank of America$1,33,902/Year
    Enterprise Software$1,09,630/Year
    Soft racing solutions$1,09,533/Year

    Python Developer Salary: Based on Skill Set 

    There is a reason why multiple certification courses are available for Python professionals. As they keep getting trained in the language, their skill set improves, and they can fetch a better salary package. Skill set also improves as the professional gets hands-on experience after working continuously on relevant projects. The salary of a skilled professional is approximately double the salary of a fresher who is not proficient.

    Python Developer Salary: Based on Industry 

    Python is a programming language that develops applications for various domains. You can find the use of Python in healthcare, IT, finance, and every other business field. Though most IT companies hire Python professionally, there can be better job offers in other industries. The table below shows the Python developer's salary based on the industry.

    The image below shows the salary figures in other industries.

    Factors Affecting Python Developer Salary 

    There are multiple factors affecting the salary that a Python developer can get. It can vary with locations, total experience and the skill set of the aspirant. Let us discuss how these factors actually make an impact.

    1. Location

    As we discussed above, the salary scale of a Python developer can vary depending on the location where he finds work. Metro cities with renowned organizations offer higher salary packages. On the other hand, you may find the figure a little less in tier 2 or 3 cities. The average junior Python developer salary in big cities is around $ 105,000 in big cities, whereas smaller places only offer up to $89000.  

    2. Industry / Employer / Company

    You can expect an attractive salary if your employer is an IT giant with multiple projects. However, the small companies would not give a matching salary package. So, if you are looking for a specific amount of money in your package, you should look for a company that can afford it.

    3. Experience

    Experience definitely gives an edge and multiplies the salary package you can get. A fresher would get around $ 99,000, but this amount can grow to $ 150,000 once you have seven to ten years of experience.

    4. Demand and Supply

    A good salary and a promising career are possible only if you have the right skills, proper certifications and willingness to learn.  As each company is stepping into the AI and networking domains, the demand for Python developers is rising. Every organization will aim to hire the best candidate, and it will surely pay an attractive price.

    5. Credentials / Certifications

    If you have an impressive resume with various professional certifications as a highlight on your resume, your salary scale will surely be the best.   One of Python developers' preferred certifications is the online Python Programming course certifications for Python developers is the Python Programming course online.

    6. Skills

    If you can prove to your employer that you have the right skills to handle the projects, they will surely pay you the best package. A skilled professional gets a higher average salary than an aspirant still in the learning phase.

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    How to Increase Your Salary as a Python Developer? 

    If you have stepped into the field, you would obviously want to figure out ways to scale up! Let us give you a few factors that you can work on to increase your salary as a Python developer.

    1. Skills

    Your first consideration should be to work on your skills. Your employer should know that you are better than the other aspirants, so he can plan to offer you a better salary. A company would do anything to retain an employee with an apt skill set and wouldn’t even mind increase the salary package. Some of the most important skills include-  

    • Core Python expertise
    • Excellent Debugging skills
    • High attention to detail
    • Problem solving and communication skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Understanding of Web frameworks
    • Data Science
    • AI and Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Multi-Process Architecture
    • Understanding of front-end technologies

    2. Certifications

    Certifications, like Programming certification online, also help improve your skill and understanding of the programming language, which opens doors for better opportunities. If you complete the certification course from a renowned education body, your salary scale will definitely be better than your colleagues. Few important Python certifications include- 

    • Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP)
    • Certified Associate in Python Programmer (PCAP)
    • Introduction to Programming Using Python by Microsoft
    • Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 & 2 (PCPP 1 & 2)
    • Certified Expert in Python Programming (PEPP)
    • Python Programming Certification

    3. Degrees

    You should have a relevant educational background to fetch the best AWS Python developer salary. A bachelor's in information management systems, Computer Science or a related eld will be helpful in gettin g a better salary. Higher education can help with higher salaries for Python developers by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to work effectively and efficiently with the language.

    4. Experience

    A lot of entry and middle-level Python developers are available in the market as compared to experienced ones. E xperience brings many advantages to Python developers. It allows them to write better code, solve complex problems, manage projects more effectively, and communicate more clearly. All these skills are highly valued in the tech industry, and as a result, experienced Python developers are often able to command higher salaries.

    Why are Python Developers Paid So Much? 

    The reason behind Python developers getting paid so much is the higher market demand. Companies are switching to the networking and AI domains and are hiring developers in this domain. As the field is trending and can create a way for company growth, every employer aims to hire the best person. It is this demand that makes employers pay an exciting amount!


    In a nutshell, python is a trending programming language with huge market demand. If you are an IT professional, you can complete the Python certification courses and become an expert in this domain. Based on your skill set and expertise level, your employer would happily pay you a significant figure as a salary. Moreover, it is also one of the most secure careers as the demand will expectedly increase many folds in coming years.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How can one become a Python Developer?

    You should have a relevant educational background, mainly in IT. Additionally, you can do a certified course that trains you in the programming language. 

    2What is the average salary for a Python developer?

    A Python developer’s salary depends on multiple factors, including location, experience and skill set. However, the average amount that these experts can expect to get is $99,000.

    3How much do Python developers make per hour?

    A Python developer with proven experience can make up to $ 100 per hour. However, a beginner in this domain can also expect to get $60 per hour.

    4What industries pay Python developers the most?

    IT industries pay the most amount of salaries to Python developers across the world. Though there are many finance and healthcare industries also who appoint these professionals, IT offers the best opportunities.

    5Can Freelance Python Developers earn more than salaried employees?

    The earning of a Python developer depends on his skill set and experience. If a freelance has better experience than an employee, he can certainly expect to get a better income.

    6Are Python Developers in high demand?

    Yes. Python developers are in high demand these days because the world is getting more and more inclined toward artificial intelligence.


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