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Managing Projects with Agility - The ACP Certification

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08th Jun, 2022
23rd May, 2017
Managing Projects with Agility - The ACP Certification

Project managers have always had a long list of certifications to choose from, however when it comes down to certifications which cover the agile framework and what it means to higher level managers and leaders, there has always been a gap. This is some major issue that the pmiacp certification aims to address. The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner exam is a certification that tackles a vast range of various methodologies that include lean, scrum, Kanban and XP, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Project Management Institute had developed this certification with the primary purpose of allowing the screening of people who are practicing agility in their approach to working in organizations. The certification also allows the individual to be highlighted in the eyes of the organization where they work so that they can be recognized for their ability to demonstrate the use of agile practices in their work. PMI-ACP is also additionally meant to provide a sort of framework for the development of the entire field of project management using agile concepts and it is as much to give back to the community as it is to recognize its up and coming members.

The pmiacp certification cost is generally reasonable as it is meant to drive more interest in project managers towards adopting agile practices in their jobs. The certification forms an important part of the goals in terms of career development for the professionals who are interested in working further in the field and it also makes them stand out as more competent when compared to others who are looking at similar portfolios. The pmiacp training is about a whole lot more that a certification, it’s about recognition. It ensures that agile project managers can stand tall among their peer who do not have the certification. The project management institute is by far the largest non-profit membership association dedicated to project managers. Its PMI-ACP certification is widely accepted across the world in every country, and organizations globally accept the merits of individuals who possess this certification. There are many benefits in PMI-ACP certification and PMI-ACP was designed with the primary goal of showing up a professional’s level of competence in the practice of Agile philosophies. This also extends to the vetting of the versatility the individual possesses when it comes to their ability to manage large scale projects with various deliverable and crunching time lines.

A person who has taken up the pmi-acp training online is also supposed to be fully competent with the ability to lead basic agile project teams or possess the knowledge to be a part of a more complex agile team implementation. These are all invaluable skills in today’s world where no form of development in any sector is done without looking into agile practices. The programme was also developed in large part to provide a good framework for training for the certification, as well as professional development initiatives. The ACP is definitely by far the largest growing certification from the Project Management Institute. In its first year of existence alone, it has overtaken the likes of Risk, Scheduling, and Program Management Certifications. This is likely due to the massive demand that various industries have now made clear for individuals with agile skillsets who will lead project teams of the current and future generations. It is with this aim of future readiness that the certification was designed in the first place. This is now definitely the gold standard for agile certifications and even project management certifications in general, as it is high encompassing while still allowing new comers to take a shot at it without being too intimidated by the vast range of tools and materials to cover during their study of the concepts.



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