SAFe® Product Manager & Product Owner - The Necessary Course for all the Product Managers

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26th Apr, 2021
28th Sep, 2017
SAFe® Product Manager & Product Owner - The Necessary Course for all the Product Managers

SAFe® stands for Scaled Agile Framework course. By getting trained in SAFe® you can handle everything from small-scale enterprises to large-scale complex systems. This is the course that includes the methods related to handling the issues in the fields of integration and governance roles along with the funding and the handling of the products. Through the course, one learns the roles, responsibilities, artifacts and activities related to the Agile sector of working. The certified ones can easily integrate and align a number of Agile teams. The certification program is made to train the Product managers and the product owner certification handlers with the tools based on the SAFe® principles.

Key features of the Scaled Agile Framework course

  • The hands-on training on techniques
  • In-depth understanding of the Agile principles
  • Writing the Agile principles and certifications
  • Online exams to ensure the in depth understanding
  • Developing understanding of the roles in product management

The training is suitable for:
The training is important to add to the resume of the product managers. The main areas that this course serves include:

  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Consultants
  • Company executives
  • Consultants
  • Business analysis
  • Trainers in agile services
  • Leaders in the agile services
  • Team members aspiring to be team leaders

Skills developed as a part of the SAFe® course
The product managers are the main group of people that are benefitted as a part of this SAFe® course. But this course can develop the skills in a varied other workers too. The skills that are honed as a part of this course are as follows.

1) Developing an understanding of the needs of the client and offer solutions: 
Management of the products is the main part of the communication of the needs of the client and the development of the project according to the solutions that are valid. This is an integral part of the course.

2) Understanding the budgetary constraints: 
Every product comes with the constraints of a budget that can be met within the given financial year. They have to strategize according to the needs of the industry and complete the work within the cost quoted by the company. This is taught as a part of the certification.

3) Developing a vision and building the path to that vision
The expert product managers can create clear understanding of the project in their mind and create the appropriate pathway that leads to the timely fulfillment of that project. The certification course helps them understand the nuances of a project so that they can develop an understanding of the project promptly.

4 )Categorization of projects according to priority
A product manager has to handle a lot of work at the same time, so he needs to understand the priority of the projects before deciding which project to handle at what period for their efficient completion.

5) The planning session of the training
The planning of the program is the most important job of the product manager as during this process, he underlines the features and sets the milestones for the project. He has to keep in mind the objectives and the values in demonstrating the products.

6)Team management and creation
A product manager is also a team leader and team developer. He has to know the skills that must be looked in a team member and possibly develop the skills to suit the needs of the company. He becomes a part of a team of high performers as he is perfectly trained in the agile practices.

7) Participation in the demonstration and certification
There are regular product demonstration and certification as part and parcel of the job. A product manager’s skills are developed on know what to look for in the demonstration and the certification of a product.

The eligibility criteria for joining the program
The class is the must have for anyone who wants to develop their knowledge base because they are in or about to join the agile services. It is advantageous for the candidate if he or she has prior ScrumXP or SAFe® SPC training. They can help in a quicker understanding of the course.

Module of the course

  • Developing a clear understanding of the product management and the product ownership criteria
  • Introductory course to the Scaled Agile Framework
  • The understanding of the traditional and the new-age Agile product management to define the roles and the attributes
  • Backlog models on the enterprise development, epics, formulation of the strategic themes and stories
  • Planning related to stakeholders engagement and creation
  • Clearing of the product and the project backlogs
  • Software requirements of agile industries
  • Test driving and feature stories

Why should you take the course?
The product managers are the ones who must take the course. The course is taught by the experts in the Agile professional fields. The certified ones of this course are the people who have performed brilliantly in both the public and the private sectors. They are the active members of the Agile sector. They are the transformers of the industry. They are the experts in all the organizational levels. They are the experts in handling the real world situations. The main concepts of handling of the group discussions and the real world exercises are taught. The learning objectives are made to perfection according to the needs of the industry.

How can you act as an invaluable resource to the company with the SAFe® Course?
The SAFe® Course arms the certified person with the understanding of real-life problems. They are the troubleshooters of the company. The large and complex problems are handled and solved by the certifications of this course. They safeguard the company from the difficult situations. This is the reason why many of the top companies send their employees to the course or demand the certification in the ones that they hire. They are a valuable addition to the CV and give an edge over the others in the field in dealing with the toughest of the crises that a company faces. 


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