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Geethalakshmi Radhakrishnan


Dr. Geethalakshmi, a CSP-SM is a diversified leader with 12 years of rich experience who is known for maintaining a track record of successfully improving the growth of the companies in the Lifesciences and Pharmaceutical industry. Specialized in Client management, Product Management, Business Development, Project Management, and stakeholder management.

Posts By Geethalakshmi Radhakrishnan

12 Agile Principles Every Professional Must Know
Let us begin with a query, why do we need a different method for managing projects in the first place? The solution is straightforward: various projec
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Types of Agile Methodologies
The Agile methodologies and technique divides a project into many parts and uses these phases to manage the project. Continuous improvement at every s
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Three Pillars of Scrum: Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation
Scrum is centred on transparency, which is demonstrated through its events and artifacts, but it cannot be implemented if the team lacks communication
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What is Risk Management Strategy? Definition, Types, and Examples
Every project manager is aware that risks exist in all projects; for example, deliveries may be delayed, accidents may occur, people may become ill, e
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Who is an Agile Leader? Key Qualities, Skills and More
Agile leadership is a management approach characterized by the capacity to remain composed under pressure, respond quickly to unusual situations, be o
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