Trending Specialization Courses in Data Science

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11th Mar, 2021
28th Apr, 2020
Trending Specialization Courses in Data Science

Data scientists, today are earning more than the average IT employees. A study estimates a need for 190,000 data scientists in the US alone by 2021. In India, this number is estimated to grow eightfold, reaching $16 billion by 2025 in the Big Data analytics sector. With such a growing demand for data scientists, the industry is developing a niche market of specialists within its fields.  

Companies of all sizes, right from large corporations to start-ups are realizing the potential of data science and increasingly hiring data scientists. This means that most data scientists are coupled with a team, which is staffed with individuals with similar skills. While you cannot remain a domain expert in everything related to data, one can be the best at the specific skill or specialization that they were hired for. Not only thisspecialization within data science will also entail you with more skills in paper and practice, compared to other prospects during your next interview. 

Trending Specialization Courses in Data Science 

One of the biggest myths about data science is that one needs a degree or Ph.D. in Data Science to get a good job. This is not always necessary. In reality, employers value job experience more than education. Even if one is from a non-technical background, they can pursue a career in data science with basic knowledge about its tools such as SAS/R, Python coding, SQL database, Hadoop, and a passion towards data.  

Let’s explore some of the trending specializations that companies are currently looking out for while hiring data scientists: 

  • Data Science with Python 

Python, originally a general-purpose language, isan open-source code and a common language for data science. This language has a dedicated library for data analysis and predictive modeling, making it a highly demandeddata science tool. On a personal level, learning data science with python can also help you produce web-based analytics products.  

  • Data Science with R 

A powerful language commonly used for data analysis and statistical computing; R is one of the best picks for beginners as it does not require any prior coding experience. It consists of packages like SparkR, ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, readr, etc., which have made data manipulation, visualization, and computation faster. Additionally, it also has provisions to implement machine learning algorithms. 

  • Big Data analytics 

Big data is the most trending of the listed specializations and requires a certain level of experience. It examines large amounts of data and extracts hidden patterns, correlations, and several other insights. Companies world-over are using it to get instant inputs and business results. According to IDC, Big Data and Business Analytics Solutions will reach a whopping $189.1 billion this year. 

Additionally, big data is a huge umbrella term that uses several types of technologies to get the most value out of the data collected. Some of them include machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analysis, text mining, SAS®, Hadoop, and many more.  

  • Other specializations 

Some knowledge of other fields is also required for data scientists to showcase their expertise in the industry. Being in the know-how of tools and technologies related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and several other unexplored fields is vital for data enthusiasts to emerge as leaders in their niche fields.  

Building a career in Data Science  

Whether you are a data aspirant from a non-technical background, a fresher, or an experienced data scientist – staying industry-relevant is important to get ahead. The industry is growing at a massive rate and is expected to have 2.7 million open job roles by the end of 2020. Industry experts point out that one of the biggest causes for tech companies to lay off employees is not automation, but the growing gap between evolving technologies and the lack of niche manpower to work on it. To meet these high standards keeping up with your data game is crucial. 



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