Python Developer Jobs in USA in 2023

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17th Mar, 2023
Python Developer Jobs in USA in 2023

From the beginning of our day till night, we are engaged in different online activities like watching movies, and series, listening to audiobooks and music, or even playing games. All of these are possible because of the coding language of Python. 

In current history, Python has evolved to become one of the most widely used programming languages globally. Python is a versatile language that indicates it's intended for use in a variety of applications, such as data research, software and web design, and robotics. Both developers and non-developers use Python in their specific tasks. This versatile and easy-to-use language is used by developers in the software industry to run these applications without any complications. 

Industries or sectors that have a high demand for python language are automation, finance, data science, web development, several start-ups, and also machine learning industries. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also run on Python backend. Again, Netflix, Spotify, NASA, IBM, etc., also use this software language on a large scale. The Python developer jobs in the USA are pretty high and demanding. 

If you want to know more about the python developer USA jobs and python job opportunities in the USA, this article will help you.

What is Python Development?

Python language has some specified syntax that is non-complicated. These syntaxes are quite the same as we use in the English language. However, the developers use fewer codes or lines while using this programming language. The main advantage of using python is the prototyping is smooth and simple. This means once the interpretation of python is made, a developer can soon write it down. 

Many people are showing interest in python developer jobs in the USA as the salary is quite good. The USA is filled with tech job options, like in the field of software engineers, data scientists, business analysts, etc. Along with this, the python developer job opportunities in the US are high in the world. 

What does a Python Developer do?

The python developer job market in the US is remarkably high. A python developer is responsible for forming a programming language that is highly scalable and without any errors. He collaborates with the software computing team and is skilled in designing, forming, and distributing programming applications. Mainly the python developers work in close contact with the software back-end process. However, in certain companies, python developers also work to create codes with machine learning techniques.

The main role of python developer jobs for freshers US will include designing or creating codes for websites under the shadow of the seniors. The codes that are created should be tested and checked by the python developer, ensuring it has no error. A python developer should know the data storing methods and the designing of integrated solutions for software applications. Applying for Python Certification Training at Knowledge Hut will help you get a complete idea about python development. 

Python Developer Jobs based on Experience Level in USA

Based on your experience level, you can apply for jobs related to python development in the USA.

  • Entry-level Python Developer Jobs (0-2 years)– The key role of an entry-level Python developer's role is to provide backup to more application experts or project managers by building or creating the Python code. The entry-level python developer jobs in the USA also depend on an individual's expertise in thorough python ORM, data science, and analytical skills. Once you are out of college or a fresher, you can apply for python developer jobs in the USA for freshers. 
  • Mid-level Python Developer Jobs (3-8 years)– The job role of a mid-level developer is similar to the junior ones with more responsibility. By creating massively scalable software language that provides useful solutions to clients, they play an essential role in supporting economic revenue. The mid-level Developer will have to write and examine the codes properly.
  • Senior-level Python Developer Jobs (8 or more years)- A senior python developer should be able to construct an effective web server, make necessary adjustments to front-end modules of any application, and train the mid-level or junior python developer. Senior Python developers get the highest paying jobs in python developer USA. 

This table will show you the average salary that you can get according to your experience level as a python developer in the USA. 

Based On ExperienceAverage Salary Per Year

Entry level 

$59,888- $111,605 



Senior or Experienced 

$132,789 - $ 145,923 

Top Python Developer Jobs in USA in 2023

Python developer jobs can be of various types, responsibilities, and roles. They are as follows. 

  1. Python Developer - The role of a python developer is to design, code formation, and debug the application errors in the projects. They deal with the back-end operation in the organization. The key responsibility of the junior Java developer is to form computer applications. For this, he may have to coordinate with both front-end and back-end developers and create coding.

The average salary of a python developer in the USA is $99,794 per year. 

  1. Python Web Development - The functionality for HTTP web applications is written by the python web developer. They work with the backend in creating the integrated application of the software. The formation of applications on the server side requires python skills in web development. They are experienced programmers who are skilled in forming Java-based programs and computer applications. Their job role also includes top-quality coding, fixing, designing, and providing necessary solutions for any problems related to computer applications.

The average salary of a Python Web developer in the USA is ($77,030- $100,670/year) 

  1. Python App development - Making music and other audio and video apps for mobile devices with Python is helpful. You may successfully create effective apps with the assistance of the Python libraries, such as PyDub. The python app developer's main role is to create code, debug and design the applications in the developing back-end sector.

 The average salary of a Python App developer in the USA is $1, 02,098 per year. 

  1. Python Game Development – Like the same way the music and videos are created with python, the inbuilt gaming libraries help to make the python gaming languages, animation, and even the graphics in a game module. This library is known as the Pygame. For any game prototyping, the use of python is required so that it functions better and faster. One should gain in-depth programming language skills to get a python game developer job.

The average salary of a Python Game developer in the USA is ($179,500-$20,000/year) 

  1. Junior Python Developer- The duties of a Junior Python developer include designing and evaluating code, fixing errors in software, and linking applications with foreign internet platforms. The junior python developers assist the senior developers. Usually, they write codes for unit tests. These codes should be correctly written to meet the demand of the software.

The average salary of a Python Junior developer in the USA is $67,299 per year. 

  1. Python Back End Developer – Python Backend developers concentrate on creating, analyzing, and administering Python scripts with their expertise. They have to manage database management and framework related to python. A back-end python developer should have complete knowledge of version control, python libraries, machine learning, AI, python frameworks, and other technical skills.

The average salary of a Python Back End Developer in the USA is $117,185 per year. 

  1. Associate Python Developer - Associate Applications Developers assist other programmers and developers. Furthermore, the associate developers build, develop, and operate applications programs using their mastery of python and information technology.

The average salary of an Associate Python Developer in the USA is $83,112 per year. 

  1. Database Engineer – These engineers take the whole responsibility of managing and testing data. For this purpose, your problem-solving skills, python, coding knowledge, data analysis, communication, and machine-learning capabilities should be present.

 The average salary of an Associate Python Developer in the USA is $ 113,851 per year. 

  1. Junior Software Developer – The job role of a Junior Software Developer is to work with senior or expert developers. They have to prepare python test codes and check if that is meeting the demand of the software. If you think you have these necessary skills, then you should apply for junior python developer jobs in the USA.

The average salary of a Junior Software Developer in the USA is $67,206 per year. 

  1. Quality Assurance Engineer – In a system integration testing scenario, a QA engineer has to incorporate his analytical and functional expertise. As their job role, they might have to perm tests to check the risks of the software, keep backups of databases, and perform other tasks.

The average salary of a Quality Assurance Engineer in the USA is $83,498 per year. 

  1. Automation Engineer - To become a python Automation engineer, your skills in python should be excellent. Along with this, you should know how to prepare applications using python, APIs, web frameworks, and other front-end expertise in software development.

The average salary of an Automation Engineer in the USA is $97,950 per year. 

Top Python developer jobs in the USASalary per year

Python Developer


Python Web development

($77,030 - $100,670/year) 

Python App Development 


Python Game Development 

$179,500 - $20,000 

Junior Python Developer 


Python Back End Developer 


Associate Python Developer 


Database Engineer 


Junior Software Developer 


Quality Assurance Engineer 


Automation Engineer 


Remote/Freelance Python Developer Jobs in US

Many times, companies do hire extremely potential employees for python developer jobs in the USA, sponsoring h1b visa. To get such offers, you should have a bachelor's degree or any certificate that is related to the job role requirement. 

However, in case your work visa is rejected in the USA or takes time to process, you can still opt for remote python developer jobs in the USA. This will help you to brush up on your python skills and analyze the work ambiance in the USA. If you already have a decent experience in python developer online jobs in the USA, your chances of getting sleeted in better job roles will get higher in the field of python development in the USA. 

Online PositionThe average salary in a year

Remote Python developer 


Remote entry-level 


Remote Experienced level 


The Best Cities for Python Developer Jobs in the US

The python developer jobs in the USA are highly demanding. Here is the list of some major high-paying cities in the USA for python developers. 

High-Paying Python Developer Cities In the USAAverage salary Per month

San Francisco 


New York 










Sacramento, CA 




Los Angeles 


Required Skills for Python Developer Jobs in United States

If you are planning to learn to code, then learning can be an ideal choice to get favorable high-salaried jobs in the USA. The following competency with experience can land you the best python developer jobs in the USA. 

  • Work on web framework

The first and foremost skill that you need to develop is the python framework. You can apply this skill to events and designs in computer applications for better results. For instance, cursor movement or thread understanding in links, sensor outputs, etc. 

If you want advanced knowledge in python framework, start acquiring knowledge in Django, Flask, and python shell. These are machine-based projects, easy to understand. 

  • Technical skill upgrade

You should be familiar with technical languages like Git, Linux/Unix, JavaScript, HTML, and database information like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Other than this, you should have core expertise in python, including data structure, OOP concepts, Generators, Iterators, and Exceptional handling. In this digital world, several companies are running on AI. Therefore, a python developer should have well-versed skills in handling machine learning, ORM (Object Rational Mappers) and AI tools.

  • Error-free web server expertise

Comprehensive knowledge of server-side languages and debugging methods is always beneficial if you are looking for python jobs in the USA. Debugging is the main subject that you will have to understand while dealing with python. Debugging techniques include showing all independent variables, altering the network's flow, pausing event performance, and employing a monitor. 

  •  Focus

You have to be observant and notice every detail of the application or server. With small errors, programming can end up in huge mistakes. Therefore, a python developer should focus on every part of the programming and follow the relevant guidelines. 

  • Providing solutions

A problem-solving attitude and great communication are also needed in a python developer job role. Programs and applications can be difficult, and with the help of critical thinking, you can develop smarter techniques. 

  • Gain easy experience

You can always pick up remote or online python developer jobs in the United States to understand the work culture and get experience. Again, you can apply as a freelancer to get an idea about the tools and techniques that you will need for the job role. 

  • Train Yourself Everyday 

Watching online tutorials regarding Python and other programming languages can aid you in getting better jobs in the USA as a python developer. In this context, it is needless to say that certification or training courses can also serve as a blessing for you.

Top Cities Where KnowledgeHut Conduct Python Certification Course Online 

Python Course in BangalorePython Course in ChennaiPython Course in Singapore
Python Course in DelhiPython Course in DubaiPython Course in Indore
Python Course in PunePython Course in BerlinPython Course in Trivandrum
Python Course in NashikPython Course in MumbaiPython Certification in Melbourne
Python Course in HyderabadPython Course in KolkataPython Course in Noida

Top Certifications to get Python Developer jobs in USA

To get Python developer jobs in the USA, the following certification courses can help you; 

  • Certified Entry Level Python Programmer (PCEP) 
  • Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP) 
  • Introduction To Programming Using Python By Microsoft 
  • Certified Expert in Python Programming (PEPP) 

Other than these online courses, you can also develop your skill set to gain high-salaried employment in the USA through Best Programming Courses from Knowledge Hut 

How to become a Python Developer in the USA?

To become a successful python developer and achieve the most handsome salaried python developer jobs in the USA, you should possess the following expertise and degrees. 

  • A bachelor's degree in information technology, Computer science, or any related subjects. 
  • A complete understanding and hardcore knowledge of web frameworks. Learning programming languages is essential. Employers, while hiring for different types of jobs in python developer USA, will check your dominance in Python, Java, HTML, and other related software languages. 
  • A prior work experience in the relevant field of programming language and coding can act like your best friend to getting a job as a python developer in the USA. Always remember, more than your degree, your concept, and your understanding of python language will help you to get recognized in this industry. - A prior work experience in the relevant field of programming language and coding can act like your best friend to get a job as a python developer in the USA. Always remember, more than your degree, your concept, and your understanding of python language will help you to get recognized in this industry. 

The Future of Python Developer career in USA

Each Developer has their preferences in utilizing the programming languages in computer applications. No matter how many similarities are found in these languages, there is a certain distinction between them that causes the demand for a particular programming language. This is the main reason why top companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google use python in their procedures and back-end operations.

The simplicity and dynamic nature of python are always loved by users in comparison to other languages like Ruby or Java. Again, the low cost and flexibility of python compel small start-ups to use this language as well. Hence, the demand for python developer jobs in the USA has a huge demand and a bright future in the coming years.


Presently, this highly object-intended language of python is popular and flourishing in the world. You can expect great pay in this field in countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK. With the help of python skills, you can get highly paid in various roles in the USA like web development, data scientist, machine learning engineering, and many more. The growth of technology is emerging, and the scope of python developers is also increasing in the world. Hence, if you can grasp a considerable knowledge in core python, AI, machine learning, and brilliant communication skills, fetching a high-salaried job in top companies in the USA will be a smoother task. You can learn Python for Data Science Certification Training from KnowledgeHut to develop relevant skills as a python developer.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which job search portals are best for Python Developers in the USA?

The following job portals are best for Python developer jobs in the USA- ALOA, Stack overflow, Toptal, and GitHub. 

2What are the major selection criteria for a Python Developer in a FAANG/MAANG company in the US?

The following selection criteria for a Python Developer in a FAANG/MAANG company in the USA; 

  • Core knowledge of Python and its related framework is necessary 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Understanding the workflow of front-end technology 
  • Great analytical skills 
  • Should be well versed with ORM, AI, Core Python, and machine learning 
  • Interns with prior experience are preferred 
  • If your resume has a certification course listed in a similar field of Python, then it will be an add-on for your employment in FAANG/MAANG companies.
3In order to get shortlisted at US companies, what should a Python Developer include on their resume?

The resume of a python developer should contain his expertise and knowledge in core python, designing, and machine learning. The targets achieved in the last company should be mentioned along with the certification or training he has attended regarding Python.

4In America, can anybody become a Python Developer?

You may become a Python Developer without having any particular training or prior experience. Most companies in the USA look for people having excellent command of the Python programming language. 

5Is the Python Developer well-paid in the USA?

Yes, the salary of a Python developer is lucrative in the USA. 

6Which is the best place to learn Python Development in the United States?

The UNF and University of Maryland global campus are best for learning all software learning and developmental courses in the USA. On the other hand, you can also opt for free tutorials or certification courses online for the same.

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