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Delivery Manager Salary in 2023 [Freshers and Experienced]

05th Sep, 2023
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Delivery Manager Salary in 2023 [Freshers and Experienced]

The delivery manager is one of the most exciting and challenging positions in logistics. It is a role that demands an exceptional ability to manage people and operations and an understanding of how to optimize delivery processes. 

The title "delivery manager" refers to professionals who work with multiple stakeholders to ensure that goods and services are delivered on time and in the whole, from raw materials to customers' hands. They are the driving forces behind successful supply chains, which make up the backbone of modern life. In this article, we'll talk about what it means to be a delivery manager and the service delivery manager salary that you can expect in case you are contemplating building your career as one. 

Who is a Delivery Manager? 

A Delivery Manager (DM) is a technology lead who is focused on customer success, which is achieved by driving engineering resources against project goals and deliverables. A Delivery Manager facilitates the timely production of software and other computer products by effectively managing team members and work schedules. They also ensure teams can be productive and self-organized by unblocking issues, organizing the backlog, driving efficiency, ensuring tasks are ready to be worked on, and keeping the team motivated and empowered. They clear any impediments that may slow down their team’s progress on a project and set the timelines on which products will be delivered. Want to learn more about how delivery managers carry out smooth project management? Enroll with the best-rated Project Management training

Average Delivery Manager Salary in 2023

 The delivery manager's salary varies widely based on the wide range of industries, including work history, location, experience, and skill set. The average salary for a delivery manager salary can be understood as follows:

Delivery Manager salary Per hour$52.55
Delivery Manager salary Per day$512
Delivery Manager salary Per month$6,405
Delivery Manager salary Per year$109,306

Delivery Manager Salary: Based on Location, Experience, Skills, Job Role

As mentioned earlier, the salary of these professionals varies depending on various factors, including location, experience, skillset, and more. Let us understand these factors in greater detail. 

1. Location

LocationAverage Salary (Per Year)
India ₹20.8 lakhs
US $90327  
UK £57649 
Australia $130,877 
Canada $83250 
Singapore SGD 8,939 

2. Experience

A delivery manager's salary can also vary significantly, depending on their experience. 

If you're starting out in the industry, you'll likely make less than someone with more experience. However, if you have a lot of experience working in other sectors, you may be able to command a higher service delivery manager salary than a younger employee with less experience. 

Here's how salaries typically break down: 

  • Entry-level positions: $75,596 per year
  • Junior-level position: $95,000 per year
  • Mid-level positions: $109,306 per year
  • Senior-level positions: $149,998 per year 

3. Skills and Companies

A delivery manager's salary can vary dramatically depending on the skill set they possess. 

Generally, managers who work in the logistics field earn more than managers who work in other areas. In addition, delivery managers with experience working in their trade will typically make more than those without. Senior delivery managers who work for larger companies tend to make more money than those who work for smaller companies. This is because larger companies typically offer better benefits and a more comprehensive range of opportunities for advancement. 

Delivery Manager Salary based on top companies:

CompaniesAverage Salary (Per year)
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett$177,828
McKinsey & Company Inc$161,143
Capital One$173,135

4. Job Role

A delivery manager's salary depends on their job role, such as a distribution manager or a supply chain manager. 

a. Delivery Managers 

The average technical delivery manager salary is $121,897 per year; the salary range typically falls between $106,428 and $138,816. Most companies hire people with at least four years of experience in this field. 

b. Distribution Managers

This position has an average salary of $99,784 per year. These managers oversee all aspects of the company's distribution process, from receiving products to shipping them out to customers. They also need at least four years of experience in this field before being promoted. 

c. Supply Chain Managers 

This position has an average salary of $119,533 per year. It requires at least five years of experience in this field before being eligible for promotion from another role, such as delivery or distribution manager. 

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5. Based on Education

Here's an average delivery manager's salary based on education:

EducationAverage Salary (Annually)

Highest Paying Industries for Delivery Manager

IndustryAverage Salary (Yearly)Salary per hour

How to Improve Delivery Manager Salary? 

There are a lot of ways to increase your salary as a Delivery Manager. You can get more skills, experience, certifications, and education. You can also work for a larger company or in a different industry and country. 

1. Skills 

The delivery manager's role includes coordinating the delivery of goods and ensuring that goods are in good condition. A good delivery manager must have excellent communication skills, strong organizational skills, and an eye for detail. The ideal candidate is a quick learner who can adapt to new situations quickly. 

To develop these skills, you need to gain experience working with others and managing projects on your own. You should practice your interpersonal skills by volunteering at local community organizations and interacting with new people every day. You must complete online courses in project management or customer service to gain additional training in these areas before applying for a job as a delivery manager. 

2. Certifications 

Certification is beneficial for your delivery manager's career in more ways than one. It doesn't just show your dedication to the field but also how much you know about it and what you've accomplished. 

Certifications are important for getting a delivery manager job because they demonstrate that you have knowledge of the area, which makes employers feel more confident about hiring you over someone else who doesn't have any certifications or only has basic ones. 

3. Degrees 

Degrees in computer science, business, or computer information systems can help you get a higher salary. A bachelor's degree is usually required for this position. A master's degree can help you get a higher salary. 

4. Experience 

Experience is key in determining how much you can expect to be paid. If you have been in the industry for a long time, you will have more experience and therefore be able to command a higher salary. As your experience grows, so does your ability to negotiate with new employers and clients.

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Why are Delivery Managers Paid So Much?

The reason for the high salary of a Delivery Manager is that they are in high demand and can make or break a company. A Delivery Manager's job is to ensure everything runs smoothly, and the company might go under if they need to do it right. So, companies are willing to pay more money because they know it will help them succeed in their business.

Top Skills for Delivery Managers

Senior Delivery Managers are responsible for the overall success of their business, and it's essential to have the right skills to make this happen. 

Here are five skills that you'll need as a senior Delivery Manager: 

1. Problem-solving skills

You'll need to identify and evaluate problems in your business and develop solutions that can be implemented quickly. 

2. Communication skills

You'll need to communicate clearly with others on your team, including your employees and clients. 

3. Leadership skills

You'll need strong leadership skills to motivate others and keep them focused on reaching goals. 

4. People Management Skills

You'll need good people management skills to effectively manage employees and ensure they're motivated, efficient, and productive team members. 

5. Financial Knowledge

An understanding of financial reporting is critical for any manager in any industry—and crucial for project delivery managers who need to track sales revenue from different sources. Also, check out our blog post on How to choose the right Project Delivery approach? 

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Job Description of a Service Delivery Manager

In this article, you'll learn about a service senior delivery manager's four key job responsibilities. 

  • The Service Project Delivery Manager will be responsible for managing the delivery of all services to customers. They are responsible for ensuring that all services are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard. 
  • They will work closely with the Head of Service Delivery, Senior Management Team, and other key stakeholders to ensure that a robust service delivery process is in place, which enables our customers to receive high-quality service at all times. 
  • The Service Delivery Manager will develop and implement strategies to increase customer satisfaction levels, identify new ways of improving service delivery and develop employee skills. This is important to ensure that the employees are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to deliver excellent customer service and that quarterly targets are achieved on time and under budget. 
  • To ensure good communication between internal departments within the company, the Service Project Delivery Manager will work closely with other departments, such as Operations or Sales, to ensure effective handover between these teams when required.

How to Become a Delivery Manager?

If you're interested in becoming a delivery manager, here's how to get started: 

1. Start Small

Start small if you have no experience working in a delivery management position. Volunteer for a local courier service or delivery company and learn about the industry from the ground up. You'll get to see what it's like out there on the streets and gain valuable experience that will help you when you apply for more senior roles later on. 

2. Improve Your Qualifications

Now that you've got some hands-on experience, it's time to consider taking formal training programs or getting an education in transportation management at a local community college or university. If you can't afford standard classes right now, consider taking online courses or reading books on the subject matter that interests you most: logistics management, operations management, project management, etc. 

3. Identify Suitable Opportunities

Do some research online about which companies in your area are hiring right now, and make sure that they offer some training program (or even better yet: mentorship) for new employees who want to learn how to become project delivery managers at their company specifically! 

While some companies offer training programs specifically designed for new employees who want to learn how to become senior delivery managers, others let new employees know on the job through observation and practice sessions with seasoned employees. 

4. Choose A Company That Allows Working With Flexible Hours

Project Delivery managers often have flexible schedules, but they still need to be able to work as many hours as possible while also managing their time effectively. Hence, look for companies that offer flexible hours and work well with your schedule. Get in touch with us to get the best project management tricks with the PRINCE2 Certification online program. 

Summing Up

Senior Delivery managers are the backbone of any company. They work hard to ensure that the goods and services their company offers are delivered on time, without fail. They are responsible for keeping all stakeholders informed on the delivery status and ensuring they are satisfied with the results. Delivery managers need to handle multiple tasks at once while maintaining a high level of customer service. They must be organized and have excellent communication skills to succeed in this role. If you're interested in becoming a senior delivery manager, there are many ways that you can pursue your career path, from taking classes at local colleges or universities to getting training through an apprenticeship program. For the next steps, check out the blog post Adaptive vs Predictive Delivery in Project Management. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the roles and responsibilities of the delivery manager? 

The role of a delivery manager is to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product or service being delivered. 

The delivery manager must be able to - 

  • Build a team that will deliver on time and within budget 
  • Set clear goals for the team 
  • Manage conflict within the team 
  • Ensure that everyone working on the project understands their responsibilities and how they fit into the larger picture of delivering the product/service. 

2. Does a delivery manager get more salary than a project manager in an IT company? 

Project managers in IT companies are paid more than delivery managers. This is because project managers are responsible for leading complex projects, while delivery managers only oversee the day-to-day operations of their teams. 

3. What is the ideal salary of an IT delivery manager in Calgary, Canada?

The average IT service delivery manager pay in Calgary, Canada, is $77,135 per year. 

4. What does a Delivery Manager do?

A Project Delivery Manager is responsible for coordinating the logistics of getting products to customers. They are in charge of ensuring that all materials are delivered on time and at the right place and that there are no delays with transportation or delivery. 


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