Top 5 Project Management Flaws & Key Ideas to Untangle Them

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09th Jun, 2022
21st Aug, 2017
Top 5 Project Management Flaws & Key Ideas to Untangle Them

In recent times, the businesses need to be fast and perfect so that they will remain live in the web world and to be in the reach of millions of online users with a strong online venture. 

The issues in any management will be obvious, but it will increase as the size of the company and number of business units plus departments are also plenty. In such cases, enterprise project managers are expected to predict and address all the project risks and also make contingency plans to deal with risks before they become full-blown project issues.

Different Types of Project Management Challenges

There is a wide categorization of challenges that are differentiated as per-

  • Challenges with Corporate projects
  • Challenges with Project managers
  • Risk dealing
  • Communication challenges
  • Expectations variation

There are chances of communication gap among the upper management, project manager and the team when the team is unclear about the project. It is compulsory for the project manager to ensure that every team member understands the purpose of the project and they are well-versed with all the requirements that can result in successful delivery of an assignment.

Another tough scenario is to deal with the requirements when the team is not having enough direction to accomplish goals on time. Peer evaluation helps in improving on the areas they are lacking and generates open-minded questions to share among the team. Tough project timeline is also a troublesome task to work for, where project managers are supposed to see a wide view and analyze how the timeline will work. There are different project manager characterstics into next level in performance.

1) Scope Creep


There occurs several instances when you will encounter gaps and shortcomings in the course of dealing with a project. When a team continuously works for different requirements without any order change, there will be a diverse effect on the timeline and budget.


The solution to overcome scope creep is to put things in writing. When the customers will ask for anything that is not illustrated in the scope document, the suggested path is to follow a formal process to document suggested request and then count the estimated resources along with identifying the effect on the other associated tasks and deliverables.

2) Undefined Goals 


When you are dealing with clear goals, the whole project and entire team can suffer. When upper management does not agree to give support for the undefined goals, the project in doubt has typically less chance to succeed. 


The solution lies with the project manager who should ask the right questions in order to establish and communicate clearly defined goals right from the beginning of the project. It is one of the biggest problems of the corporate projects with whom project management has to deal precisely for less clutter results.

3) Clashing Methodologies


The enterprise projects involve multiple distinct teams from separate units where they are expected to work together on a common task, although they are having different project management methods and an array of project methodologies in use.


It will be disastrous if one team uses the project management methodology of others as it may cause serious delays and quality issues. A correct approach here is to use enterprise project management software that allows teams to translate task information and related project information from one methodology to another. Like for say, there are few tools available in the marketplace which allows different development teams to work simultaneously in Waterfall and Agile methodologies where information is shared in real time.

4) Poor Communication


In corporate, the project managers direct at each step of the project that makes a team leader aware of the expected results. In this context, effective communication is mandatory for successful completion of a specific project.


A good communication helps in increasing the morale by stating clear expectations. A robust project management training puts great emphasis on both oral and written communication. One of the best qualities of a good project manager is to keep flawless communication and feedback between team leaders and upper management.

5) Want of Resources


In enterprises, for the projects that involve long timelines, the project managers face several challenges in analyzing an eligible workforce for a particular project that will remain till its completion. Things become more complex when the team has to handle multiple projects simultaneously. 


Portfolio management and organization-wide projects can bridge the existing gap with resource allocation. By providing visibility into assignments and utilization among different business units and departments, project managers can make the best plan for the future and find the optimal solution to perfectly suit their current needs.

It is only a dream to think of a business that can run without any grievances and management problems. When multiple teams work on a single shelter within one management protocol, discrepancies are obvious. But, a productive business is one which not only finds the negative aspects, but also makes efforts in solving them. Above tips can contribute positively towards a business in order to obtain effective results by resolving all the issues.


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