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Best Ways to Learn React

05th Sep, 2023
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    Best Ways to Learn React

    React is one of the leading open-source JavaScript libraries which is used for building User Interfaces (UI) specifically for single page applications. It is often described as the “the V in MVC structure”. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page applications.

    React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. React.js has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and has become the defacto library for component-based GUI development. React is used by many big companies like Apple, Instagram, Netflix, Paypal and many more.

    Why you must learn it?   

    Apparently, no other web framework took as less time as ReactJS to be a leading one in the front-end development. Within a short period of time ReactJS has become one of the most used Javascript frameworks.

    Utmost of the web development companies are building interactive web applications with React JS  because of its adaptability and useful features. This is why it has remained one of the highly sought web skills in recent time. Learning React JS wouldn't take much time to learn if you have a good grasp of Javascript skill. Applications built with React JS are highly valued and which also increase the demand for web developers with React JS skill.

    Here are the reasons why you should learn React JS today:

    • React JS is used to produce any type of web applications, avionics, command line interfaces, native mobile apps, etc.
    • It is been used broadly in companies like Apple, Facebook, and Netflix. Facebook started using React in 20011 for the first time.
    • React saves your time and super flexible
    • React is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks which has rapid growth
    • React can build any kind of complex UI.
    • It will just take you a few hours to learn React JS upon having good expertise knowledge in Javascript language.


    • Basics of Javascript
    • Basics of OOPS
    • An open mindset to learn new concepts

    You must also have a basic knowledge of the following:


    1. Basics of HTML
    2. HTML Elements
    3. HTML Attributes
    4. HTML5


    1. Basics of CSS
    2. Implement CSS in HTML
    3. Element, ID & Class Selectors
    4. Backgrounds & Borders


    1. Bootstrap 4 setup
    2. Grid System
    3. Navbar

    Resources to learn React

    Once you are clear with about the prerequisites to learn React, let’s see how to learn or the different ways to learn React from the beginning. There are various resources available to learn this beautiful Javascript framework  ReactJS. Let’s us know some of the sources where you can learn this skill from.

    The best choice would be learning free of cost through its official documentation.

    1. The official React documentation:

    Detailed documentation which addresses each trivial details including all the essential one. Starting from installation to get you an advanced level of React learning. It comes with certain benefits to learn documentation driven:

    • Latest materials and updates for new versions
    • Beginner tutorial

    2. React JS Crash course Youtube

    There are many React.js video tutorials available on youtube. This Crash course will cover all the basics including MVC architecture and the very foundational structure of React.js applications.

    This one hour video will not be a complete guide but can be a solid introduction to the React

    3.  FB React Docs
    FB React Docs

    FB React Docs can be abrupt and difficult to work in the beginning but the quality is great. It is specifically recommended to learn this tutorial, a truly guided tutorial which will help you understand the clear insights of React. You should try reading through both since there’s a lot of knowledge you need to absorb.

    4. React Enlightenment
    React Enlightenment

    The open source React Enlightenment is one of the better sites to learn React. It is short but clear and crisp which will help you understand clearly. Since it’s open source the whole guide can be downloaded freely. You will get every page of this guide on GitHub covering a lot of best practices for new developers.

    5. Curated React / Readux Links

    The massive React.js links list will be the ultimate place to find React.js learning resources. Developer Mark Erikson curated this list of tutorials.

    6. Take up React.js training:

    ReactJS online training will help Javascript who looks ahead to deal with ReactJS for the first time. You will master the concepts of React.js including its architecture and components. You will also gain hands-on skills and knowledge to build Reactjs applications.

    Other ways to learn ReactJS:

    1. Learn React with Projects:

    After you learn to React through the various tutorial and other sources you can continue learning by building a project yourself. It is always better to come up with new project ideas on your own.

    2. Learn by Doing:

    Learn by doing is one of the most practiced methods to learn. It applies to almost everything in life because every task will present you with a new challenge to grow as a React developer.

    3. Learn React every day:

    Start learning to code yourself every day. Only then you will become a React developer.

    4. Learn React in Public:

    The best way to learn something new is to learn it in public. Get feedback from other React developers by showing off your achievements if you have reached a milestone with your project. You can use the following platforms to share your ideas around React.

    React JS on social platform

    • Spectrum
    • Twitter
    • Reactiflux
    • Reddit

    Learn Advanced React:

    After you have learned the basics of the React components you can dive deeper with advanced React concepts and patterns with React JS Training. This React JS Training will help you master all the key fundamentals, architecture, and components of ReactJS applications using React router, etc, through real-time projects.

    Stay curious, commit to it every day.! Challenge yourself to advance your skills as a developer and become a React developer. All the best!


    Sachin Bhatnagar

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    Sachin Bhatnagar is an experienced education professional with 20+ years of expertise in Media & Entertainment and Web Technologies. Currently, as the Program Director - Full-Stack at KnowledgeHut, he excels in curriculum development, hands-on training, and strategic deployment of industry-centric educational programs. His online training programs on have attracted over 25,000 learners since 2014. He actively contributes to the development of full-stack training products, leveraging KnowledgeHut's advanced learning platform. Collaborating with organizational leaders, he ensures the success of these programs and has created several technology programs prominently featured in KnowledgeHut's course offerings.

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