The Importance Of Project Management Standards And Certification

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11st Mar, 2021
11st Jul, 2017
The Importance Of Project Management Standards And Certification

Better career line, better job, better income are obviously main goals for clearing a certificate, but this is not everything about standards and certification in this field. Many of my project management students are even not employees, instead, they have their own business.

So, what is the total picture about this?

In addition to what I mentioned from the beginning of this article, it the matter of mastering with this science and coping with the latest research, so that you effectively communicate with collogues and share in right decision making.

International research indicates the only around 70% of the world project success, and if we rephrase this, it means that only 30% of world projects are successful.

Not successful projects are not limited to those which didn’t deliver their outcomes. A project may deliver its outcomes, but triple the planned duration or cost and lead the sponsor or owner to gain very negative results.

Certification is also not the only goal of studying project management standards. May of my participants, attend the certification courses purely for the sake of skills and knowledge without any intend to write any exams, however certification is a grate prove to yourself and to the employers or job colleagues that you really mastered that knowledge.

Example of world leading standards in project management are:

  • Project Manager Professional – PMP®, provided by the Project Management Institute – PMI, which fully enrich participants knowledge about best practices, skills and process of project management. Those who have at least 3-year experience in project management can apply for this test after attending a 35 project management course. However, those who didn’t gain that experience yet, can write another exam on the same standard called Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM. Many of the intelligent students starts with CAPM training, to prove their project management standard knowledge, then write the PMP Test after the gain the required experience.
  • Project In Controlled Environment – PRINCE II, this is full of coaching and methods of thinking and best practice concepts in project management which gained professionals and researchers interests around the world. PRINCE II certification comes into levels including the intermediate level and the Precoitional Level, it is a great addition to knowledge and career situation.

Riad Thalji

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Riad Thalji is a PMP, Primavera P6, and IT Web Development trainer with more than 18 years of sound experience managing several high volume projects and the author of the book "A Practical Approach to PMP Exam Preparation"