What will a “good project” look like in the near future?

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25th Feb, 2019
20th Jul, 2015
What will a “good project” look like in the near future?

It’s the stuff that project managers dream about—that their project gets classified as “good” and is appreciated by both the management and the customers by delivering an error free product that conforms to all standards of quality and finances.

There are many pointers to developing successful projects, but can these be adopted in practice? Project management strategies have evolved greatly and future projects may be closer than ever to getting “good” and encompassing the following characteristics:

  • Fail-safe plan—Gone are the days when a half- baked plan was enough to set the ball rolling. In the age of multi-faceted, demanding projects, a well-formulated plan is what is needed to ensure success. Complete and detailed project plans will be a necessity, more than a requirement, for future projects.
  • A talented, multitasking team—This is already exhibited in Agile, where the responsibility of project success lies on the shoulders of the whole team and all members are expected to perform tasks, even those that lie outside their comfort zone. Future projects will expect team members to be all-rounders. Roles will be blurred and every team member will know how to write code, test, handle business and talk to customers.
  • Solid change control—“The only thing that is constant is change” and future projects will embody this more than ever. The only way to cope with this change is to have good change control, so that there are no deviations from scope or budget, and the end product is still delivered on time.
  • Effective risk management—Markets are risky, business is risky and even resources are risky. But in spite of all this, a project should be able to handle current and predicted risks without losing sight of the vision. Involving stakeholders and customers in risk management right from conception, will be the order of future projects.

You can help yourself turn the dream of future “good projects” into a reality, by pursuing courses such as PMP, PgMP and Senior International Project Manager—that help you learn the ropes of management best practices to deliver successful, winning projects.


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