How A CAPM Certification Makes Up For Your Lack Of Work Experience

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21st Dec, 2022
How A CAPM Certification Makes Up For Your Lack Of Work Experience

Tired of watching your more experienced peers getting to manage big projects? Would you like to take on more responsibilities and quickly climb the corporate ladder?

If yes, then you can up your game by becoming a Certified Associate In Project Management or CAPM.

When you’re entrusted with the task of managing a project, you’ve to plan a budget, assign tasks to your team members, and ensure that goals are met within their deadlines. And to be able to manage all of these duties is no easy task, which is why often experienced people are picked up as project managers.

However, if you don’t have enough work experience, there’s no need to feel disheartened because after getting certified as a CAPM, you’ll be recognized by companies and be considered for the role of a project manager.

To further understand how this certification can help you, let’s learn more about CAPM. Take CAPM practice test  and prepare well for the exam.

What Is CAPM?

Introduced in 2003, CAPM is the Project Management Institute’s entry-level certification for people who want to become project managers. The institute also offers a PMP certification but you’re first required to earn adequate experience as a project manager to be able to sit for the certifying exam.

On the other hand, you can take the CAPM certification exam even if you have never handled projects before. This certification will open up career opportunities for you and it will be an indication that you’re aware of global project management requirements and have the requisite skills to fulfill them.

Get to know more about characteristics of project management.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A CAPM?

The benefits of CAPM are many, some of which are listed below:

Better Job Prospects

As a CAPM, you’ll be able to apply for the role of a project manager anywhere in the world. Most major companies recognize this certification and its importance. While you may not have any experience in handling projects but a CAPM certification shows your willingness for managerial roles.

Knowledge Of Project Management

The CAPM certification not only improves your career prospects but also enhance your skills. While preparing for the exam, you’ll learn about different project management processes and how small work packages can lead to a project’s success. This knowledge will be useful at all times, even when you’re not working as a project manager.

Preparation For PMP Exam

Although it’s easy to prepare for CAPM than PMP, both the exams require you to be knowledgeable about the PMI framework. This means that while you’re studying for CAPM, you’ll also be partly preparing for PMP. And sometime in the future, if you want to take up the PMP exam, this knowledge will come in handy. Take advantage of our online PMP certification training to pass the exam with ease.

How Can I Clear The CAPM Exam?

The CAPM exam has 150 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered within 3 hours. In order to prepare for the exam, you can get enrolled for a professional course like the one at Knowledgehut. Through this training, you’ll be able to get a better insight into the types of questions and how to answer all of them within 3 hours.

How Will I Benefit From The Training?

The main benefit of this training is that you’ll be able to clear the exam in the first attempt, which is essential as the exam fees are $225 for PMI members and $300 for others. But, apart from this, some of the other benefits of a professional training are as follows:

● You’ll learn how to initiate a project.
● You’ll be acquainted with all the key phases of a project—budget, planning, and execution.
● You’ll be taught to estimate the cost of each task and the overall expenditure.
● The training will also teach you how to hire and manage a team.
● Setting and achieving goals, meeting deadlines, and planning for contingencies are some of the other things that you’ll learn during the training.

In short, by the end of the training, you’ll be prepared to take on two challenges—the CAPM exam and a project manager’s role.

Who Can Apply For The Certification?

Anyone who wishes to become a project manager can take up the CAPM exam. If you’re a team lead or a fresher, you can get this certification and add another feather to your cap. However, if you already have enough experience as a project manager, it’s advisable that you go for the PMP certification.

What Are The Prerequisites Of The Exam?

You can take this exam if you have completed your secondary education and have 23 hours of project management education. If you don’t have project management experience, you can enroll for a certification course and earn some credits to become eligible for the certification exam.

A CAPM certification will help you prepare for the role of a project manager and also improve your career prospects. If you think you have had enough of being a team player and would now like to take the reins in your hand, enroll for a CAPM certification course and give the exam your best shot.


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