PMP: The Umbrella Technology For Project Managers & Business Leaders

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09th Jan, 2023
PMP: The Umbrella Technology For Project Managers & Business Leaders

A World Bank report reveals that about one fifth of world's GDP is being spent on projects. Another study report estimating Project Management Skills Gap during 2010-2020, released by Anderson Economic Group states that India will need almost 400,000 new certified project professionals every year, until 2020. There are many other similar predictions that triggered an inevitable shift from the traditional management model to an advanced model of micro project management. It is a well accepted fact that out of 20 million professionals managing projects worldwide, only 1 million professionals have certified project management training. Through our PMP certification class, you will be able to obtain the certification very quickly 

As the competition in every business sector is getting intense with each passing year, the global demand of Certified PMP (Project Management Professional) is increasing fast across all the business segments including IT/ITES, engineering, finance, construction, infrastructure, healthcare, service industry, manufacturing etc. Today, PMP is the most needed certification for the project managers and for the business leaders as well. As a certified PMP, you are eligible to work virtually in any industry because you can demonstrate the gained skill and competency to lead and manage the projects with an edge. Get well-trained by joining our PMP classes.

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PMP Certification – An Asset for Project & Business Leaders:
For the professionals engaged in project management, getting PMP certification becomes an asset. The seven most shared career-oriented benefits of getting PMP certification include:   

  • PMP certification is globally recognized and respected qualification. 
  • PMP certification is widely endorsed by leading companies in different business sectors. 
  • PMP certification recognizes your expertise in effective project management.
  • PMP certification empowers you show your commitment to project management. 
  • PMP certified professionals are expected to follow a particular code of ethics; therefore, you are seen as more credible. 
  • The PMP get almost 20% higher salary than the professionals without PMP certification. 
  • PMP certification makes you member of worldwide community of certified project managers. 

PMP for Project Managers and Business leaders 

In today’s competitive and professional marketing environment, business leadership skills need a broader  vision to guide the business achieve the sustainable growth rate by solving the diverse problems in time and permanently. Problem solving is the key responsibility of any kind of business leadership. Top five responsibilities of business leaders are: 

  • Vision casting for sustainable growth 
  • Humanization of business with focus on all the stakeholders 
  • Building bridges to create partnerships
  • Forecasting business directions 
  • Team development

The often asked question is – “Why should the business leaders get PMP certification?” The answer is very simple- business leader has more responsibility with wider scope to achieve the profitability. So, what are PMP certification benefits for business leaders?    

  • As a PMP Certified business leader, you feel more capable and confident to encourage productivity, oversee progress, and drive the performance among teams. 
  • PMP certified business leaders demonstrate emotional intelligence, excel in communication and build the productive relationships better. 
  • The improved capabilities, post-PMP certification help you for directing the project teams to deliver the best. 
  • The gained insights into project management help you to structure the tailor made approach to handle specific project situations. 
  • PMP certification helps you to identify, analyze, decide and manage the emotions of self and project team members. 
  • Managing the conflicts in project teams is a very common but too complex challenge for the business leaders. As a PMP qualified business leader, you can take the appropriate action at the right time without damaging the productivity and relationships. 
  • When errors, over-runs, problems and misses occur during a project, you as a business leader are expected to respond in balanced manner; PMP certification helps you do this like an expert.   

Mastering the above seven skills will give you the technical and professional expertise to continually monitor the progress at different levels and to fine-tune the performance for the best as a competent business leader regardless of circumstances. A PMP certification from a reputed institution gives you all. 


Shubhranshu Agarwal

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Shubhranshu Agarwal is a technical writer with special interest in business management and project management subjects. Over the 15 years of freelance content writing, he has written a lot to help the industries, businesses and project managers to achieve the sustainable growth by implementing strategic critical management methodologies.

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