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Will You Surely Get A Job After PMP® Certification?

05th Sep, 2023
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Will You Surely Get A Job After PMP® Certification?

Acquiring more qualification and more experience is a part of the rat race which is known as a high paid job. Various people have various expectations regarding the position. Some would want a high level of satisfaction; some would like to maintain a work-life balance, while others want to keep a flexible hierarchy of payment. Especially the management students who are landing up managerial jobs in the reputed multinational companies must be aware of the stiff competition that they have to face in the corporate world. It is not easy to stay on par with all the expectations and dynamic changes that are happening in the market. Many employees are stuck with the same position year after without promotion or increment as they are not able to meet the extreme standards that the industry requires.

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The definition of PMP®

Therefore, numerous courses and the curriculum are organized for even the working professionals, so that they can have more insights into the recent updates that are occurring in their profile. The apparent aim of such courses is to make the prospect of the promotion and increment higher by making you an industry expert. But the actual motto of such classes or certification is also to increase the efficiency of business trade and organizational growth that will help the business or institution. One such certification that is gaining popularity among the employers and employees alike because of its astonishing benefit and result is Project Management Professional Certification or PMP® certification. Before going for the prospect of career and job that it brings, you must know about the concept of PMP career first.

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Eligibility criteria

Project Management Professional Certification is a designation that is globally recognized and provided by the Project Management Institute. The course is specially designed for the professionals in the field of Project Management and not for the freshers and students. You can go for the course only if you have the required amount of experience in managing projects in your organization. Before applying for the job, you need to know about the criteria that you need for the minimum eligibility of the course. So take a brief look at the admissibility of the course:

  • You need to have a four years’ undergraduate degree in the management. If your country has three-year management degree course, then it will be of no problem. The main aim is to do the primary check about the foundation of the management career.
  • Now comes the main criteria. Candidate applying for the certification must be associated with an organization and have at least three years of experience in the field of managing project tasks. Within these three years, at least 4,500 hours should be invested in leading the project directly.  You also need to have a short-term course or training on the project management education of minimum 35 hours.

PMP® and Career

So now you can see that the certification is designed primarily for the candidates who are already full-time project managers. Therefore, rather than getting a job, PMP® actually helps you to secure your career and future job prospect in some higher positions than that where you are currently working. Based on this you can now take a look at the advantages that it offers to make your resume every employer’s favourite.  

PMP Career growth

Firstly, a course in project management will help you to land up a high-paying job in the more reputed corporate sectors. Having a professional certificate like PMP® is like having a crown on your resume. When you are presenting your resume, you will be highlighted and given importance than other candidates who are appearing for the interview.

Secondly, having specialization in a particular field increases the chances of getting your desired job in the specific area itself. You do not search for different options and tire yourself. Instead, you can focus on a single perspective and give your best to it wholly. In words of Dean Kamen- “I don’t work on a project unless I believe that it will dramatically improve life for a bunch of people.”

Thirdly, you can connect with all the otter PMP® certified members globally and become the part of the ever growing and talented project managers around the world. You can exchange your ideas and your perspectives with another certified from the different part of the world. You, in turn, will be enriched with the knowledge and the management scenario of the other part of the world. Plus, after certification, if you are ambitious and looking for a job change, you can take suggestions from the community to know about the recent job openings worldwide.

Lastly, but of course, the important one is that your salary increment becomes a sure shot thing once you earn PMP® certification. A PMP® certified professional is much more knowledgeable and confident in the handling of the critical projects than his or her non-PMP® counterparts. When your boss sees that your specialized knowledge is benefiting the organization in giving maximum profit within minimum time, he or she will inevitably take into account your promotion or increment plea. After all which company does not want to retain their best employee?  

Project Management Road map

To explain the last point regarding the growth of the business-organisation, a case study was conducted on a reputed Information Technology industry to improve the efficiency regarding the operations of the various hierarchies. The management felt that to increase the effectiveness of the finished results and completion of the targeted task faster garnering a maximum profit, they need to go for complete grass-root level improvisation. It called for the employee who is handling the project of the organisation and gave them the necessary project management training and selecting 200 employees among them for enrolling in the PMP® certification. Within three years, a drastic change given below was seen:

  • Management Improvement: 90 percent.
  • Development of Professionalism: 73 percent.
  • The efficiency of the Office of Project Management: 80 percent.
  • Management Insight: 67 percent

Assessing the points mentioned above, the company garnered a turnaround of almost double than the expected within the lesser amount of time gaining both employee satisfaction and business improvement.

PMP® Certification, therefore, should be adopted by every company. If your company does not provide you the certification, but you have the eligibility, then you can enroll yourself online.

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